Monday, February 25, 2013

The Greatest Show on Earth!

The circus is in town! We were so excited to take the boys to the circus this past weekend. Jackson went last year and loved it! He was so excited to go again and couldn't wait to see his favorite part....the motorcycles! I was a little worried on how Beckett would do because he was going to have to skip his morning nap and I didn't realize the show was 2 hours long, but he loved it! He was clapping and pointing and made it through the entire show! This first picture is my little superhero! He loves to put on multiple layers of clothing....he has 2 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of shorts, and 2 shirts in this picture.
 We ended up going to the circus early so that the kids could onto the stage. They got to see an elephant play basketball, danced with clowns, and played limbo. I coudln't believe that Jackson just jumped right into the congo line!
The circus crew! Payton, Aidan, Kylie, Mollie Ryan, Lanie, Jackson and Beckett. They had the best time!
 Jackson certainly couldn't resist a light up Dragon sword! I am not going to even document how much we paid for that piece of plastic!!
 Beckett taking it all in!
You can't go to the circus without getting some cotton candy! Bonus! The cotton candy comes with a hat :)
 Beckett's first taste of sugar heaven!
This week was winter break and Jackson had Monday off, so we headed with the McMurry's to Tellus Museum. It is full of all things boys! This was our first trip but definately won't be our last! Here are the kids in front of the largest truck I have ever seen!
 Jackson in front of the first plane. He was so excited to see that the first flight was on his birthday, Decemer 17th. He said "Mommy, they did it for me on my birthday!" It was so cute!
 Panning for jewels!
You even get to keep your treasures!
Digging for dinosaur bones.
 My little astronaut!
 Shark mouth! I really can't believe there were animals that big in the ocean!!
 Beckett even enjoyed it! He loved walking in between these flower pots.
Brothers playing with the drums.
Outside the museum was a huge hill! The kids loved running up it and rolling down. They must have done it 10 times!!

We have some big news for our family! We put our house on the market!! We listed it on Saturday and had our first 2 showings on Sunday. It is definately not going to be easy with 2 kids and massive dog during showings, so hopefully it won't take too long to sell! I will definately have mixed emotions if it sells. I love my house. It is our first home together, we brought our sons home from the hospital to this house, and it is filled with memories of Gloria. We will just have to see what happens!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Celebrating Love!

 Happy Valentine's Day! What a wonderful holiday all about celebrating love!! We are so blessed to have so many people in our lives that we love and love us as well. I probably should have made this post 2 posts, but since I am not doing that great at weekly posts, I am squeezing it all into one! It was a rough week in our house last week. We got the dreaded GI noravirus. It started with Beckett and quickly made its way to Jackson. Our washing machine was on sanitize overload! Beckett definately got the worst of it but was his happy little self in between vomits. This is a picture in the bath for probably the 5th time that morning! Jackson definately seemed sicker but after a long 24 hours, bounced back like a champ!! By some miracle, mommy and daddy stayed well!!

 Jackson is so funny with his sleeping! He always goes down for "rest time" around 2:00 pm. He doesn't always end up sleeping but will play quietly in his room. Sometimes, the exhaustion must take over right in the middle of playing, because we will find him sleeping in all sorts of strange places! Once Beckett gets up from his nap, we go to wake Jackson up so he doesn't snooze the entire afternoon away and not go to sleep at night. Here is Beckett waking Jackson up from his napping spot in the closet!

So proud of my little boy! Jackson is not one to sit down and color for a very long time, so we have been working on trying to get him to sit down and write his name. He is getting so much better! He still ends up writing too big and the N typically ends up underneath the rest of the letters, but it is legible!
 Valentine cookie decorating party! After we recovered from all the vomiting, we had some friends over to decorate cookies!
 Angie helping them get started! Unfortunately, I didn't realize that with this virus, you are typically contagious for at least 3 days after the symptoms resolve! 24 hours after leaving our house, the Konops were all vomiting as well! I felt terrible!!!!
So fun!
 Beckett may not be able to decorate a cookie, but he could join in on eating one!
 My silly little boy! Beckett has definately moved away from a baby to a toddler who likes to get into everything! He definately keeps me on my toes! His favorite game right now is using his chair to climb on the coffee table. He has fallen off a couple of times but it doesn't seem to phase him! He gets right back up to do it again!

 Mr. Independent!
 Beckett is really starting to try to "use" things. He puts the phone to his ear and jabbers. He uses the brush to brush his hair and he is trying to use utensils!
 Beckett loves to eat with a fork! He is definately more interested in using utensils than my 4 year old!
 Got it!
 Sweet brothers!
 I was in charge of Jackson's preschool Valentine's party, so we decided to make cupcakes and heart shaped, chocolate dipped, rice krispie lollipops! Jackson loved helping me put the sprinkles on! I do quite a lot of baking/cooking and Jackson is always my little helper!!
 All packaged and ready for the party!
 While we were decorating the lollipops, I looked down and guess who got the jar of icing out of the garbage can! He was in sugar heavan!
 Making sure he got every last drop!
 Of course Jackson wanted some. Every time Jackson would try to get some, Beckett would stare at him and then scream until he gave it back. It was hilarious!
 Best Valentine buddies!
 Valentine surprises! When I got home from work, the boys got their Valentine surprises! Nothing says Valentine's like a star wars M&M dispenser!
 New Superhero pajamas! He was so excited!
 Finished it off with some superman bubblegum and a superhero mask! After Jackson finished opening all his gifts he said "Thank you mommy. I love all my Valentine's gifts so much!" I asked him if he knew why we got him those gifts and he said "Why?" I said, "Because mommy and daddy love you so much." He then said, "That makes me very happy!" It was so sweet! Love that boy to pieces!!
We can't forget our other little Valentine Beckett! He definately mostly enjoyed the singing card!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

6 years and 2 beautiful boys couldn't be better!

 This past weekend Greg and I celebrated 6 years of wedded bliss! My how things have changed over those 6 years! We went from resident/fellow living in a modern condo in downtown Decatur to 2 physicians with 2 beautiful boys and a massive dog in suburbia! Since we were married in Charleston, we have celebrated every anniversary by returning there and this year was no different. We packed up the kids and headed to Kiawah for a little R&R. We drove down on Thursday night and were able to stay through Monday. On Saturday, Greg and I headed downtown to the Planter's Inn for a romantic night away. We had a wonderful dinner and got in some quality shopping! Thank you Noni and Granddaddy for helping us celebrate 6 wonderful years! The first picture is Jackson playing his favorite game...fight! He will a weapon out of pretty much anything and Noni's house had wonderful spatulas that made the perfect light sabers! Jackson even had one of Noni's old purses that he called his "satchel" that stored his weapons perfectly!
 Beckett scooting around!
 We had a huge milestone while we were away! Beckett took his first steps! We were so proud of him! Here he is walking to Granddaddy.
He was very excited after he did it and clapped right along with us!
 Jackson of course had to get involved in this game! I love how they have their arms reaching out towards each other. So sweet!
 Noni's turn!
 Since we have returned to Kiawah, I had to get my shot of Jackson on the boardwalk. Every time we come to Kiawah, I make sure I get this shot of him.
 Since it was too cold to go swimming, we decided to fly a kite at the beach! Jackson was very excited as this was his first time ever flying a kite. It was quite windy which made it a little difficult to fly but we had a great time! At one point, Jackson did lose his grip on the kite and the kite went flying down the beach. Jackson was very upset screaming "No!" as he chased it down! It was actually pretty funnny :)
 Jackson flying around with the tail of the kite! It was so windy that the kite would actually twirl onto itself. We spent a good portion of the time untangling it rather than flying it!
 Jackson trying to get the kite to do a spin.
 Flying like a pro! I think this shot is actually right before he lost it.
 I had to post this picture because I feel like Jackson looks like a teenager!
Beckett doing what he does. Hanging out!
 Silly boys! Jackson thought riding the big bike with daddy was quite a treat!
 When is it my turn?
Family shot! This picture was right before we were heading out! Sad to leave as we had such a wondeful time!
 Thanks Noni and Grandaddy for helping us celebrate our anniversay and taking such great care of our boys! They are so lucky to have such wonderful, loving grandparents! We can't wait until it warms up for our next visit!

Gigi and Jackson have a lot in common...they both love chocolate! Every time we visit, Gigi has a delicious chocolate treat waiting for him. This time it was M&Ms.
As you can see from Jackson's red mouth that he enjoyed his candy!

Strolling with Noni!
Beckett found a better mode of transportation!