Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Jackson had a great Easter weekend. It started out with an Easter egg hunt at Aunt Kiera's. Jackson caught on very quickly, and by his third Easter egg hunt at the church, he was a pro! Jackson quickly learned that if he cracked the eggs open there was a delicious treat inside. We had another first this weekend....Jackson ate his first Reese's peanut butter egg. It was love at first bite! Jackson has also added another word to his vocabularly...Uh Oh. Evertime he drops anything he says it.  This first picture is Aunt Kiera's house after he smelled the pretty flowers.
Enjoying a delicious rice crispie treat before the big hunt. Also, a first for Jackson.

I am ready for the Easter egg hunt at Church!

Let me crack this egg open....

Look at all my eggs mommy and daddy!

Jackson and mommy on the church lawn.

We had to get a picture of Jackson on the church lawn like we did last year. Unfortunately, having him sit on the grass still is no longer a possibility. Second best option....daddy chasing him.

My two boys....
Family shot!
Jackson's favorite new game...jumping. He bends down and then tries to jump. His feet barely leave the ground, but he gets so proud of himself!
I love the Easter Bunny! Thanks Aunt Glo and Uncle Joe for my fancy white shoes. They completed my Easter outfit!
              Easter lunch at West Cobb Diner. Delicious!


Aunt Glo said...

What a cute little Easter baby!! I think he is the champion egg finder in the 2 and under age group!

L Rukes said...

LOVE his little Easter outfit!! Adorable...