Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fun at the Fair!

 I am losing my mind! I thought I posted these fair pics 2 weeks ago!! I went to post a blog about our fall break and realized that I never posted these!! Well, we had a great time at the fair 2 weeks ago. Lucky for us, our kids don't really enjoy the rides, so we spent our fair experience playing games and seeing the animals. I am actually glad my kids didn't want to ride the rides because there is something creepy about getting on a roller coaster that wasn't there the day before!!
 Every kid wins! It is certainly not like Legoland games and the prize you win was nothing to write home about, but it was fun!

This was hilarious! This was a huge slide!! They climbed all the way to the top and decided to ride down together. This is how they landed.
 Jackson loved bouncy around on this trampoline. His favorite part was flipping back and forth.

So high!!

 Next stop was seeing all the animals! Beckett loved feeding the goats!
 Who knew petting rabbits could be so fun?
 Next stop.....riding a camel!!
 I was a little worried Beckett was going to get scared and try to jump off of it, but he loved it! It was so funny to watch him bounce up and down...
Jackson holding on tight!

He looks a little nervous....
 Ahhhh...much better. A pony!
 Again I was super impressed that Beckett listened and didn't try to leap off the horse.
 Uh oh! We are in trouble!!

You can't go to the fair without eating something horrible for you. My kids chose slushies :)
Just a random picture of Beckett. He found Jackson's old knight costume and was running around fighting "bad guys". Kid cracks me up! Last weekend we spent a wonderful weekend with friends at Lake Toxaway. Pics to come! Kids are getting super excited for Halloween. Their costumes are on their way and they can't wait!

Jackson finished up the Lacrosse season strong! He had a great time and I think next year we will join the Marietta League. We had Jackson's first parent teacher conference. He is doing great! They are on a 2nd grade curriculum for everything. He is doing so well in Math, that his teachers are going to send home some more advanced problems. Writing is wear he struggles a little bit. He still writes some letter backwards and often drops the vowels when he is trying to spell a word. All in all we couldn't be prouder of our sweet first grader!!

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