Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Busy and Blessed!

 The school year is in full swing and going great! Jackson is learning so much already in first grade and loves his teachers! He has moved up a level in reading and is even doing some multiplication! We have Math night this week so I am excited to see all the fun math games they play at school. We are very busy with extracurriculars! Right now Jackson is playing baseball, flag football, lacrosse, learning to play the piano, and chess. Jackson is definitely my wants to do everything kid. Anytime you ask him if he wants to try something, it is always a yes. He really loves football right now. Keeps asking me when he gets to play tackle. Mommy is hoping that will never happen, so we are still going to keep him in Lacrosse since those sports play at the same time when they get older. I am hoping he will choose Lacrosse instead of football, but we shall see! He is having so much fun playing football and has caught the only pass so far this season! Here he is at QB with the hand off. Jackson's competitive side has really started to come out now. (I wonder where he gets that from :)) Before when the boys woke up, the first thing that would go on was cartoons. Now when Jackson wakes up, he puts on ESPN or finds a football game. For some reason he loves Georgia Tech right now. Instate tuition! Yay!!
 Jackson is playing Lacrosse with some fifth graders now. He has no fear. He will run right up to them and try to get the ball out of their stick. Last game he ran so hard into a  fifth grader that they both flew to the ground and the older boy's stick smacked Jackson in the face. It looked painful!

 We are also still doing baseball. The nice thing about fall baseball is that there are only 5 games and never on the weekends, so you really can easily manage it and another sport. Jackson is alternating between short stop and first base. He is actually really good at short stop and the last game he almost had the first double play. The ball was hit to him. He fielded it, tagged the runner, and threw it to first. First baseman caught it but was just a second too slow. It was exciting though!!
 We have gone to 2 Walker football games this years so far. Both kids love going! They run all around with their friends up a giant hill. The last game Jackson decided he wanted to play football with the fifth graders. He was getting very frustrated because he couldn't get the ball. It didn't end well, so next football game we told him he could bring his own football to play with his friends.
 Sweet, sweaty friends.
 Beckett had a birthday party at Champion Kids for his friend Gracie. He told me that Gracie is his girlfriend and he "woves" Gracie. :)
 Crazy kid!
 Jackson "helping" Beckett jump into the foam pit.
 Jackson and Mary. Jackson told Daddy that he had a secret. The secret was that he was going to marry Mary. Apparently the feeling is mutual because Mary told her parents that she was going to marry Jackson because he is a really nice boy. :)
 Beckett and the older ladies! He loves the older girls!!! He really likes a 12 year old named Hannah. We saw her at the football game and he asked me if we could find her so he could sit by her because he super likes her.
 We squeezed in 1 last pool party before the weather starts to cool down. It never ceases to amaze me that we have this huge pool and all the kids want to do is go into the hot tub!
 This was too funny! I walked in and it was a quiet as could be. They were all mezmerized by this movie "The Descendants". It's a Disney movie about all the Disney princesses kids. They loved it. They were trying to sing they songs and dancing. It was too funny!
 Toothless wonder! Jackson has now lost both top teeth! He still doesn't have his bottom tooth in so his mouth is wide open! The last time we went to the dentist, Jackson asked to see his x-rays so he could make sure there was a tooth there that was going to come in. There is!!!
 Rock climbing! Jackson went to a birthday party at the new rock climbing facility in Kennesaw. He, of course,  loved it and now all he wants to do is go back.

This was sweet. Jackson really doesn't take baths anymore. He usually takes a shower. The other night he decided to take a bath with Beckett. They were playing army men. It was really sweet to see Jackson playing with his brother. I feel like Jackson is growing up so fast and likes to do older boy things now. It was nice to see a glimpse of my little boy again!! Sniff. Sniff.

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