Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012 Part 1!

 Merry Christmas to all from the Nesmith family! I had to split this post into two because there were so many magical moments captured this year! Jackson really got into Christmas this year and we all dove head first into the magic of the season! It started with decorating our house. We went a little overboard this year with the lights and had are very own Grizzwald moment when they didn't initially light up, but in the end it looked beautiful! When we were at Home Depot,  Jackson found these candy lollipops and had to have them! They didn't quite go with the rest of the house, so they found the perfect home in front of the basement door to decorate Noni and Granddaddy's room!
 Jackson and Beckett in front of the beautiful lights :) Initially we thoguht they weren't too bad but then the magic happened....they not only light up white, but also blue and red and purple and then they start flickering. Spectacular!
Jackson also wanted to put up some Christmas lights in his bedroom.
 The next stop was a Christmas cookie decorating party! Jackson really did a great job decorating....and eating!
 We were so excited to have Noni with us on our annual trip to Snow Mountain! Looking at Beckett now, it is crazy to think that that is where we were when my water broke! He is a snow mountain baby!
 Going down the big slide! Jackson absolutely loved it! No fear at all!!
 Beckett getting ready to go down the hill for the first time with his brother.
 Jackson was a perfect big brother and held on tight!
 Making a snowman!
 The finshed product. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a snowman with a hot dog hat :)
 My little snow angel
 Afterwards.....the best part....karate chopping the snowman. Boys!
We ended the night with the 4D polar express movie. Jackson was completely mezmerized! Beckett even watched it! We had so much fun and will continue to make this an annual trip! Noni was even brave enough to go down the slide with Jackson. She was a little scared but Jackson reassured her that it would be okay!!
 Next tradition...gingerbread house! Jackson did such a great job putting all the candy on!
 Sweet Beckett! Just hanging out and soaking up all of the festivities.
 Jackson and Daddy playing with the family present. Santa brought us a car driving arcade game. I have to admit that I was not completely on board with it but once we got it in place, it has been a lot of fun.
 On Christmas Eve, we went to the Children's service. We got there early so that Jackson and Beckett could be part of the live nativity scene. Here are my 2 angels!
 My sweet angel heading into the church.
 Priceless! My angel reading the hymns!
Jackson walked down the aisle like a champ and stood there while everyone took pictures. So proud of my big boy! This is where I am going to end this post and the next post will start with Christmas Eve and end with the magic of Christmas day! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We missed our families that we weren't able to see but felt so blessed to spend this wonderful time with Brad, Kiera, Mary, James, Ben, Noni, and Granddaddy.

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