Monday, September 13, 2010

Family trip to the zoo and fun times with cousin Mary!

We had a wonderful week with the exciting arrival of Jackson's newest cousin...sweet baby James! He is so cute and a perfect addition to the family. Just like in the movies, Kiera went into labor in the middle of the night. We got a call from Brad that it was time around midnight so I hopped in the car to bring Mary over until James arrived. Mary did great! I was a little worried that she would be scared but as soon as we  pulled into our driveway she yelled "Jack's house!" I layed her down in the guest bedroom and she went right to sleep until the next morning. We had so much fun taking care of her! This first picture is of our family trip to the zoo. There is a playground at the zoo that we always pass on the way out and Jackson never gets to play, so this trip we started there. Jackson had so much fun on the teeter totter!
Merry go Round! Jackson picked the elephant all by himself. Everytime we would spin past daddy Jackson would point to him. Too cute!
Jackson loves choo choos so we went on our first choo choo ride at the zoo.

That goat is tiny compared to my Emma!
First morning at our house. Jackson was so excited that MaeMae (that's how he says Mary) was at his house!
Trip to Monkey Joes! They both had so much fun jumping around!
Snack time! All that jumping sure makes us hungry!!
Jackson climbing up the ladder to the big slide all by himself. He is such a little monkey!!
First art picture for Daddy's office!
Congrats again Aunt Kiera, Uncle Brad and Big Sister Mary! We have lots of pictures to post next week of Mary and Jackson's first meeting with James and his arrival home. We are so happy that James made it to the world safely and both Mom and Baby are doing so well!


Aunt Sarah said...

Congratulations Brad & Kiera! Cute pics of the kids enjoying their time together!

Aunt Glo said...

What fun!!Jackson played the perfect host for Mary, I'm know they had a great time together! What a good little artist we have!!

Kiera said...

Thanks again for taking care of Mary...she LOVES going to Jack's house!!!