Sunday, September 26, 2010

Elmo Live!

Last weekend we took Jackson to see Elmo Live! He loved it!! Jackson is usually not one to sit still for very long, but Elmo was so captivating that he watched the entire show! We only had one problem....if Elmo was not on stage, Jackson kept repeating Elmo..Elmo..Elmo. Elmo is definately his favorite! Jackson is really talking now and seems as if he adds new words everyday. He is putting 3 words together. Some of my favorites are "I got it", "Here you go", "Dadda car bye bye". He says please and thank you which is so darn cute! His favorite is "Up please". He has started to actually "shoot" the basketball into the hoop and if he misses he says "Almost!". When he makes it, he gets very excited and runs with both hands up into the air. 
During intermission Jackson was able to run around since we had floor seats. You could take one of these Elmo balloons home with you for only $10.  Needless to say, a picture with the balloons is all Jackson got.

What is this fluffy delicious blue stuff?

Here daddy you try.

Pic in front of the stage.
Jackson loves lemonade! This is one of his favorite activities...juicing lemons. Jackson has figured out that he can move the chair to get to higher places.  The other morning Jackson had the chair pulled up to the counter, juicer out, and even put it together!

Juicing lemons is so much fun!


Aunt Sarah said...

Little Mr. Independent!! I love it!

Aunt Glo said...

Jackson looks so serious making his lemonade! He is so cute!!!