Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weeks 27 and 28!

Well, I am a week behind because we have had a very busy two weeks! Aunt Gloria, Cortney and Scooter have been staying with us, and we have had the best time! Jackson is going to be so sad when they leave. I think Jackson is going to have a personality just like his daddy's. He is so funny! He makes the funniest faces and loves to make us laugh. His favorite face right now is to scrunch up his nose and make huff and puff noises. He is also really starting to pull up. All I have to do is stick my hands out, and he will grab them and pull himself up. He loves to stand so much that if you try to sit him down, he will make his legs stiff as boards so he doesn't have to. He continues to be very vocal and there are lots of mammas!!! Yah!!! He is also starting to reach out for me, which I love. We start swim lessons this week, so wish us luck. Finally, we have started using sign language with him so we will see how it goes! Since we are a week behind, there are lots of pictures. Enjoy! The first picture is Jackson trying not to eat his peas. As you can see, it is all over him.


This was Jackson's first experience in a cart without the floppy seat. If you look closely, you can see him holding on to the back. He was a little nervous.

Jackson and Cortney. I think Jackson may have a little crush.

I love to stand!! The view from here is so much better.


Thanks for the ride Emma!

I love my Aunt Glo! She always makes me laugh.

Bounce me higher Aunt Glo!

Jackson and Mary. Two peas in a pod.

My new favorite toy...a balloon!

Happy 4th of July! Jackson loved looking at the sparklers and watching the fireworks that Cortney bought. Thanks Cortney!

Look at me! I am a big boy.
Mommy and Daddy at Craft Bar. Aunt Gloria took us out for a fancy dinner. It was delicious! Thanks Aunt Glo.
All of us at Craft Bar. Notice the large painting of the cow in the background. His name was Porter.

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Melissa Johnson said...

I can't believe how much bigger he looks in the pictures! Can't wait to see him in person!