Sunday, June 6, 2010

Water, Water, and more Water!

Jackson loves the water! When it isn't raining here, we have filled our days cooling off from the Georgia sun with different water activities. Jackson has enjoyed his time swimming in his pool, swimming in his friend's pools, to even his first trip to the water park this weekend. Jackson loved the water park so much that we bought a season pass! There is only one problem with Jackson and the water.....he never wants to get out! We find ourselves having to force him out to warm up  as often his lips have turned completely blue! We start swimming lessons this week, which he should really enjoy. The first picture is Jackson in his pool. The hose water was very cold!! I have learned now to fill it up in the morning so it can warm up a bit.

Going down the slide into the frigid water!

We made a trip to the botanical gardens and this is how Jackson started out in the children's area.

Next step was removal of the shirt.

Finally I said forget it and took off all his clothes.

He loved it!!

This is Jackson in his new life jacket.  Since he loves the water, he also has no fear of the water.  With this life jacket on, I feel a little more comfortable with him around the pool.

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Aunt Glo said...

Look out Michael Phelps...Jackson looks like he is having so much fun!