Wednesday, April 29, 2009

19 weeks!

Jackson is now 19 weeks and more fun each day. We are still working on eating the rice cereal, but he still does not seem to enjoy it very much. This week we are going to try oatmeal to see if he likes that better. Jackson has a couple of new tricks. He has discovered his tongue and loves to stick it out and try to chew on it. He has also learned how to blow bubbles which makes for a drooly mess. He continues to be very curious about the world around him and now realizes when he loses a toy and gets very upset until it is safely back in his hands again. We are also in the everything goes in his mouth stage, which you will see from the pictures that follow.

Since Jackson always has his hands in his mouth, daddy had to hold them down so we could get a picture of him smiling.

Sunday we went to the Taste of Marietta. This is a picture of Jackson waiting for his daddy to get home so we could go. He was very excited. He didn't try any of the food, but he loved to look around at all the people. It was very warm that day and he got so worn out he fell asleep while daddy was holding him in the baby bjorn!

Come on daddy I want to go!

Jackson and daddy rocking on the front porch in our new rocking chairs.

Since we got rocking chairs, Jackson also had to get his very own rocking chair.

Granddaddy you were right! This is way more comfortable than any other chair. I can't wait for you to come visit again so we can rock together!

Jackson's latest trick of sticking his tongue out.

I love to stick my tongue out!

Jackson is getting so strong he was able to hold the soccer ball all by himself. Of course he was picking it up to try to put it in his mouth.

Daddy's the mouth.

Remote the mouth. the mouth.

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