Wednesday, May 28, 2014

School's Out For Summer!!

School's out for summer and I can't believe it! We have finished our first year at Walker and couldn't be happier with our decision to send Jackson there. He has learned so much and has made some really great friends. Jackson's last day of school was on a Thursday, which is typically a work day for me. However, Greg has Thursday afternoons off, so I decided to take the day off and go to his party in the morning and then we headed to Kiawah that afternoon for our first beach trip of the summer! Jackson was very excited that I didn't go to work and was able to celebrate his last day with him. I really didn't realize how emotional I would get, but seeing how much he has grown this past year and knowing next year he is in school all day, really affected me. Jackson is certainly ready for Kindergarten. He knows over 50 site words and is a whiz at math. Jackson brought home a book that showed his progress over the past year and I cannot believe how much his writing and coloring has improved!! Kindergarten here we come! Jackson you have done such a great job this year and we are so proud of all your hardwork and accomplishments!!

Beckett also finished his first year in the Ones class and is moving on to the Twos class at our church. He also had a great year! At the beginning of the year he would only say single words and no he will speak in full sentences. He can count to 9 and has started to learn his colors. I decided to only send Beckett 2 days a week again next year becasue it just made more sense with more work schedule that way. Great job on your first year Beckett!!

Jackson's end of the year party was all beach themed. They set the party up into 6 stations. Each station had a little craft and of course a jumpy!!

A picture of Jackson holding a picture of Jackson ;)

Jackson and Colin. Jackson has made several sweet friends this year but Colin is still top of the list!

Jackson and Mrs. Mitchell. Such a wonderful teacher! Unfortunately, Mrs. Reddick, had to leave the party in a hurry so we didn't get to get a picture of her. These two teachers really are a great team and it is sad to think we won't have them next year. However, I am certain, we will love our Kindergarten teachers just as much!!

Saying goodbye to Dr. Doss. Dr. Doss has been the preschool director for 20 some years and this is her last year. Even though we only knew here for a year, you can see the sweet bond Jackson had with her. She was such a loving director and will certainly be missed!
Jackson, Dr. Doss, and Miller. This is the famous Miller. Jackson has told me on several occasions that Miller is his girlfriend and he really wanted to marry her. This was a funny conversation between us. Jackson, "I really want to marry Miller and she wants to marry me." Me, "When are you going to get married?" Jackson, "When we are grown ups!" Me, "How old are  you when you are a grown up?" Jackson, "65".

This kid loves to play with water! He puts everything in the water! If you are at my house and have a glass water and walk away, you better check it before you take a drink because Beckett has probably put a car or some other toy in it.

Colin's 5th birthday party! Colin had a gymnastics party and the boys had so much fun!
We were so excited to get to go see Mary perform in her recital! Funny story though. Our weekends are packed and I always put everything on my phone calendar. In my mind, Colin's birthday party and Mary's recital were the same day, so Greg took Beckett to the recital and I took Jackson to the party. We pull up to the party and nobody was there. I thought, "Wow! I am on it! We are early!!" Oh no.......the party was on Sunday and not Saturday!! We jumped back in he car and headed to Mary's recital just in time to see her dance! That is why Jackson is dressed for gymnastics. :)

Pottery time! This year for Noni's birthday, we decided to make her a platter with the boys hands. It turned out super cute!! While we were there, the boys were also able to paint a little figurine. Jackson chose a Triceratops.

Beckett chose a penguin.

This boy has been begging to play Lacrosse, so daddy bought him the gear. He is actually pretty good at it and is able to catch and throw.
He shoots...he scores!! I am so excited that summer is here! Jackson was so funny! He was super excited that summer was here and thought that meant Mommy and Daddy didn't have to go to work all summer either. I wish buddy!! We are looking forward to staying up a little later, lazy mornings, swimming, beach trips, Chicago trip, and lots of time with friends. It is going to be a great summer!!

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