Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh boy!!

What a great week! We have had so much fun playing outside and enjoying the beautiful spring weather!! We had a wonderful visit with Andrew, Greg's high school friend. Whenever Andrew comes into town, there always needs to be a project. The project this time was leveling part of our yard and preparing it for sod. 18 tons of dirt later, we are ready to lay the sod next week! Since it was spring break, Andrew got the pleasure of watching Jackson one morning, while Greg and I went to work. Jackson had the best time and that night said "I love my Andrew. He is my buddy." It was so funny!! We are really getting excited for Easter. We are going to spend the holiday with my family and can't wait to see Aunt Sarah, Uncle Mike, Katie, and Nathan! Jackson is so excited to go on Easter egg hunts and to get candy from the Easter bunny! This first picture was an Easter bunny that Jackson got a little early. Delicious!!

Jackson and daddy putting together his Percy puzzle.

I love chocolate!!

Here is the massive pile of dirt that was delivered to our house. Jackson had the best time running up and down the dirt mountain!

King of the mountain!!

I made it mommy!

Running down the mountain. After we finished playing in the dirt, we got to put our feet in the kitchen sink to wash them off. Jackson thought that was quite a treat, and it turned quickly into a splashing game! Once he realized he got to wash his feet it they got dirty, he was quick to run right back out to dirt mountain. He would run up and down it and say "Let's wash our feet".

One of Jackson's favorite things to!

I think we may have a future soccer player!

GOAL!!! (He certainly has the dramatic role of the game mastered)


This last picture is Jackson showing me the ant that he had crawling on his arm. He kept picking them up and saying "OOOH".


Aunt Sarah said...

He's got to be the happiest little boy on earth!!! Love, love, love the ant picture!! I can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks!

Kiera said...

Cute pictures!! The last picture is so adorable!

Aunt Glo said...

A little boy and a big pile of wonder he looks so happy!! Tell Sarah to hug Jackson for me! Have a great time1