Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beach Trip!

Last weekend we had our first trip of the season to Kiawah! We always go this time of year, so Greg and I can celebrate our anniversary. Noni and Grandaddy watch Jackson and we head to town, go out to dinner, and stay at the Sanctuary. That is the hotel we stayed at the night we got married. We had the best time! Jackson absolutely loved the beach! He definately has a little Yankee blood in him because the cooler weather and freezing ocean couldn't stop him! He ran into the water with no fear as if he was just at the beach yesterday. This year he also really enjoyed the sand and making sand castles. We can't wait for our next beach trip!! We saw a couple of alligators in a pond along the golfcourse and Jackson wanted to go feed him grass. Greg told him that he couldn't feed the alligators because they would bite him. After that he kept looking up at me and saying "Mommy, the alligators will bite you!" It was so funny!! Of course, Noni had tons of new toys for Jackson to play with including a new Thomas bike. Jackson had the best time and loved spending time with his Noni and Granddaddy!! This first picture is for Glo....Jackson running on the pier toward the beach.


This is how we started the beach morning. Pants rolled up and fully clothed.

And a few minutes later.....yes we were those parents with a naked toddler running along the beach. At one point, Jackson took his diaper off as well. That is where I had to drawn the line and let him know we were not in Europe!

OOOH! It's cold!!

Jackson really enjoyed playing with sand toys this trip. He kept trying to take this truck out into the water and didn't understand why it kept going back to the shore.

Building a sandcastle with Noni and Granddaddy! Granddaddy makes the best sand castles!!

Getting water for the river.

Driving his truck up the castle.

Jackson had so much fun trying to chase this poor bird. If you look closely, you can see him taking off.

Looking for seashells to decorate his castle.

That shell goes right here.

He is all boy! Playing with a live starfish.

Flying with Noni!

Come on daddy. This way!

This lion that Jackson is carrying apparently was Uncle Brad's. Jackson loved it and took it everywhere. This is him raoring like a lion. He really wanted to take it into the water with him. Noni tried to trick him and hid it under her shirt and said the lion ran away to Noni's house because he doesn't like the water. What does Jackson do? "I go get him" and off he ran! We finally had to give in and let him have it.

Trying to soak up a few rays.

Lunch at the marina! This is the best place for Jackson because he can run around and look at the boats until the food comes.

The last day we went and visited GiGi at her house. In order to warm Jackson up, she gave him his favorite....M&Ms. MMMMMM! M&Ms!

Getting an M&M from GiGi. It didn't take long for Jackson to warm up to her.

Hugs bye for GiGi.

Bye Bye Granddaddy! I have to mention that Noni was not able to be with us the last day because she had to go to work. Jackson was not happy about this at all! As soon as he woke up, he asked where Noni was. Then as we were driving to see GiGi, he thought we were going to see Noni. Then, when we pulled into our house, he asked if we were going to Noni's house. I think we are going to be making another trip to the beach soon!!


Aunt Sarah said...

Looks like a great trip!! Jackson is such a happy little boy!

Aunt Glo said...

Thank you for the picture, it made me cry! You are so right about that Yankee blood...I had to go put a sweater on after looking at Jackson "on the beach" (ha ha). These are such wonderful times...I know Noni loved it and I hope y'all enjoyed a little free time as well!!

noni and granddaddy said...

Noni and Granddaddy LOVED every minute with Jackson (and mommy and dadddy too). Tell Jackson he can go to the beach anytime he wants. Seeing Kiawah through Jackson's eyes makes everything PERFECT!