Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! We had a rocky start but ending up having a wonderful holiday weekend! Poor Jackson has been quite sick recently. The week before Easter, he was diagnosed with pneumonia and placed on antibiotics. He got much better rather quickly, but then Wednesday before we were supposed to leave for Chicago, he respiked a fever. After much discussion between Greg and I and the pediatrician, we decided to go for the trip and added another antibiotic. Jackson did great the whole flight and drive to my sister's, but about 5 minutes before we got to her house, Jackson started vomiting. I felt so bad and thought we might have made a mistake in coming. Aunt Sarah so kindly picked up his medicine and we gave him his first dose that night. He slept like a champ and the next morning was ready to go! After the second dose of antibiotic, he was afebrile and back to his old self again! Yay! We had such a wonderful weekend with my sister and Jackson's cousins. Jackson and Nathan were two peas in a pod! Greg and I even got to get all dressed up to go to my good friend Meeta's wedding in downtown Chicago. I got to see some great friends that I hadn't seen in a while and we had a blast! This first picture is Jackson in his Atlanta Easter outfit on Palm Sunday. He got all dressed up and refused to take it off the rest of the day! He is already a southern boy!

Dressed in his Sunday best! Thanks Aunt Glo!!

Jackson and Nathan in their Lightning McQueen beds! We tried to get Jackson to sleep up there with the kids, but he is not quite ready. He loved laying on it though and watching cartoons with Nathan!

This bed is the greatest!

All dressed up for the wedding! We had so much fun!!

Easter morning! The Easter bunny visited Aunt Sarah's house and left Easter baskets and Easter eggs for an Easter egg hunt. This is the kids patiently waiting before the hunt began!

It didn't take long for Jackson to remember this game!

Look mommy! Look mommy! Jackson holding his eggs and his Lighting McQueen Easter basket.

Showing off all their goodies!

The first day home was pretty chilly and rainy, but the rest of the weekend was absolutely beautiful! After collecting all the egss, the kids went outside and played with bubbles. Katie taught Jackson how to run with the wand to make the bubbles. So much fun!

Easter lunch at Grandmas! My Aunt Patty is very creative and the Queen of projects! This year Jackson got to join in the festivities. He made an Easter egg magnet, an egg bunny, and a chick figure. Jackson didn't want to show off his work initially, so I had to get daddy to do it.

Finally! Holding his masterpieces!!

Great Grandma knows best! Nothing like some goldfish to warm him up!!

Orcutt Family pic!

Nesmith family pic! We have taken pictures on this couch for years! It is so funny to look back and see my mom and dad holding me and my sisters on this couch for a pic, and now here I am on the same couch with my own family. Thanks Aunt Patty for always insisting on family pictures!!

Nothing like a picture with a mouth full of goldfish.

Bye Bye Aunt Sarah! Thanks for an amazing weekend and we can't wait to see you all again in July!!


Aunt Glo said...

So much fun...Jackson is sooo darn cute in his "Atlanta outfit" and his "Chicago outfit" as well. You looked fabulous and tell Greg he cleaned up pretty good. So glad you were able to go and that Jackson is feeling much better!!

Aunt Sarah said...

We miss you guys sooo much already! Can't wait to see you all again in July!!