Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring Recital and Fun in the Sun!

Spring Recital! Jackson had his first moment in the spotlight on stage! It was the end of the year spring recital at his preschool. It was absolutely adorable! All the little kids wore white shirts and jeans and marched up on stage like pros. As they came into the auditorium, they were all clapping in a single file line and got on stage. It always amazes me how well they are at keeping all these little ones on track. The ones had three songs to sing. The favorite was by far Humpty Dumpty. They all sang the songs and did the moves like pros! It was so cute and I got some great video!! I still can't believe that the stage was filled will 2-4 year olds and nobody leaped off the stage! It was really an event I will treasure always!! This first picture is Jackson and his best friend Drew on stage. Jackson kept looking at this older Indian girl next him and copying whatever she did. Adorable!!

Making cat whiskers for part of the song. It was hard to switch back and forth between pictures and videotaping, and since Greg couldn't make it, I wanted to make sure I got it all on tape!

Jackson and Drew. They truly are two peas in a pod. It is amazing how well they get along and how much they enjoy spending time together!!

After the program, we went and took a look at all the art work. Each class had a wall with artwork the children have done over the year.

Jackson's class.

Jackson's art work!!

Neighborhood pool party! We were so excited to find out that Drew lives in our neighborhood! We got a few friends together and had our first of many pool parties this year. Jackson has really gotten good at riding his bike and is able to turn and everything. This picture is Jackson and Drew riding the bike an coaster car around the playhouse.


Unfortunately, as you can see from my son's blue lips, that Jackson was getting a little chilly in the shade! He loved it though!!

Anyone call for a firefighter?

Two sweet boys!!

Best friends.


Aunt Glo said...

Nothing sweeter than little voices singing!! Loved his artwork, that boy is not just a pretty face!! What poolside fun, I think Jackson's house is THE house everyone will want to go to!!

Kiera said...

The recital looked so cute!!! I love the picture of Jackson by his artwork!!

Aunt Sarah said...

I want to live in the Nesmith's neighborhood!! Looks like you guys had such a fun week/weekend!