Monday, March 7, 2011

Trip to the Zoo!

Well, Atlanta decided to tease us with early spring weather. It has been a little chilly this week, but despite that fact, we decided to head to the zoo. It may have been cold, but it was the best trip we have had to the zoo yet. We got to see them feel the elephants, saw the lion run around, saw the black rhino run around, got to touch a snake, and was right next to the zebra and gorillas. This first picture is of Jackson, Payton, and Aidan watching the zebras eat. At one point, I did think Jackson was going to climb all the way over the fence and really get up close and personal with the zebras!

2 monkeys climbing on gorillas!

Having a snack while the panda had a snack. We actually got to see the tiny baby Panda on this trip.  He was so little and cute! 

A trip to the zoo would not be complete without a ride on the choo choo!


Petting zoo! This was the first time that Jackson actually really wanted to brush the animals. He was so excited.

Brushing the goats!

We were so excited to get to have a sleepover with Mary and James this weekend. Jackson LOVES Mary and James and was so excited when he found out that they were going to spend the night. This was Mary and Jackson sitting on Thomas watching Nemo. They kept looking at eachother and screaming. It was too funny!

Rocking on the rocking horse.

All 3 babies playing with the building blocks. It was so cute to watch Mary and Jackson help James. So sweet!


Kiera said...

Great pictures! Thanks again for watching Mary and James, they had a great time!

Aunt Sarah said...

What an adorable group of Nesmiths!!

Aunt Glo said...

I think Jackson is ready to groom Emma! Such cute zoo pics, he has grown-up...Jackson did not try to eat the animal food!!