Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Growing up too fast!!

Where has my baby gone? It seems like yesterday Jackson was all swaddled up in my arms, and now he is a little boy with a personality larger than life and a mind of his own! He is just so funny and the is always making us laugh. For example, this weekend we had Jackson's 2 year photos. I was trying to figure out what to put him in, so I layed an outfit out on our bed for Greg to look at. Well, I should have asked Jackson's opinion! He looked at the outfit and said "Awww, cute! I like it!" It was so funny!! Then, we were playing out on his pad and Jackson came over to me and said " I love my mommy. You are a good boy" Jackson has really started counting recently and loves to count everything. He can count to 11 very well, but after that he gets a little lost. He is still obsessed with Thomas the train! It wasn't for Thomas the train, I don't think we would have gotten any good 2 year shots! Hopefully, Alicia will have some preview pictures on her blog soon. I will keep you posted!

Jackson decided that he wanted to play inside his diaper box Unfortunately, he was way too big for it and quickly destroyed the entire box!

Jackson has really started getting into dancing lately. This picture is of Jackson dancing on our bed to Daddy's music on the ipad. He was so excited!

We were getting some toys down to give to Baby James, and of course, Jackson had to try this toy one more time before he could give it up. Everytime we talk about Baby James, Jackson will whisper "Shhhh, Baby James go night night" you only have to say something to Jackson once, and he will never forget it!
Jackson's new bike! He is still learning to peddle, but gets better every day! By the way, once he really starts riding a bike, he will be wearing a helmet!
Jackson sitting on his playpad with his trains. He could spend hours chugging the trains all around. Thank you daddy for all the trouble you went through to give me this great place to play safely!
Pull ups! Jackson's strength never ceases to amaze me. Pound for pound, he has got to be the strongest toddler!
You are an amazing little boy Jackson, and Mommy and Daddy love you so much!


Aunt Sarah said...

You're right, he is growing up way too fast! I love the dancing picture! And can't believe how well he fits into the Mickey shirt now!!!!

Aunt Glo said...

Jackson is just so cute, he IS getting to be such a big boy! His "in the diaper box" expression is so sweet...and yes Daddy, thank you so much for all you did so Jackson could have a safe play pad!

Kiera said...

Love the dancing skills!!! Looks a lot older than 2 in that picture!