Monday, February 21, 2011

Baby James Baptism and the Best Show on Earth!

What a wonderful and busy weekend! It all started with the baptism of sweet baby James! We had a wondeful, intimate celebration that couldn't have been more perfect. James, as usual, was a little angel. Jackson, on the other hand, was all over the place! Thank goodness it was just a baptismal ceremony and not a full mass!! At one point, Austin saved the day by grabbing Jackson before he took a dive into the baptismal water! Thanks Austin!! Maura and Austin are going to be first time parents in just a few short weeks and are going to be great! This first picture is James after the baptism, so happy!!

The priest allowed all the children to touch the holy water. In hindsite, that began the downfall. All Jackson wanted to do was touch the water.

The big moment! James wasn't too excited about it, but quickly recovered.

Two peas in a pod!

The three cutest kids in the world!

The proud Godparents!

Family shot.

The happy family of 4!

The wonderful cookies that we got to enjoy after the event. I think Greg must have had 70% of them.

The next day we went with our good friends Angie and Andrew and their children, Payton and Aidan, to the circus! We had a great time and the kids absolutely loved it! Jackson's favorite part was of course, the train and the motorcycles.


My sweet boy!
Best friends!

Barnum and Bailey sure know what they are doing as they schedule the show from 11-1 with an intermission at noon. Therefore, the mom's were on a mission to get food for some hungry kids. Lemonade, popcorn, hotdogs and cotton candy wasn't cheap, but made some children very happy!

We love the circus!
As far as other things with Jackson, his latest cute phrase was after I sneezed he said "Bless you mommy." Loved it! He also can sing all the words to some songs including Twinkle, Twinkle. And, he started saying the alphabet. Unfortunately, he starts with QRSTUVWXYZ. Somehow we have skipped the beginning of the alphabet! That is all for now! Next weekend we have Jackson's 2 year photos, so pray this beautiful weather continues!!


Aunt Glo said...

Jackson's expressions are just priceless! Happy to see he and Mama enjoyed the circus!

Kiera said...

Thank you for being such great aunts, uncles, and cousin to our children - they love you! Thanks for all the great pictures too!