Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Best Toddler Party Ever!

Last weekend we went to Jackson's best friend Aidan's 2nd birthday party. It was the best toddler party we have been to yet! It was a farm theme with hayrides and a petting zoo filled with baby animals. There were pigs, sheep, goats, bunnies, chickens, ducks, roosters and more. Jackson really had the best time. The weather couldn't have been more beautiful for the outdoor event. Angie, Aidan's mom, is an architect/interior designer and went all out on the farm theme. We had haystacks for chairs, a wheelbarrel held the farm house goodie bags, and of course, our cupcake collaboration! I made 36 fondant farm animals for the top of the cupcakes. It took a long time, but was well worth it in the end! The cupcakes were so cute and delicious! They took me 12+ hours to make and the kids 30 seconds to eat! As far as new things in Jackson's world, his biggest accomplishment is that he can spell his name. It is so cute and each night before he goes to bed, he loves to point to the letters of his name on the wall and spell it out. Jackson definately remembers everything! We are very excited for our visit with Noni and Granddaddy this weekend. The last time they visited, Grandaddy bought a new car. As soon as we told Jackson that Noni and Granddaddy were coming to visit, he said "In Grandaddy's new car?" We couldn't believe he remembered that! Here are the pics from the party. The first picture is Jackson in his cowboy boots waiting to go to the farm party!

12 horses, 12 cows, and 12 pigs later.....the finished product!

The cupcake display!

Jackson waiting to pet the animals. He couldn't wait to hold the bunny! He also really liked the little black piglet and really wanted to hold him. Unfortunately, he did not like to be held and would squeal louder than anything I have ever heard when anyone attempted to touch him.

Feeding the goat. The little goats were so hungry, they would jump out of the pen to get to the food.

My little cowboy!

Once Jackson found the candy bowl, it was very hard to get him to do anything else!
Feeding the bunny.
This was the best party ever mommy!
Jackson was watching the pig eat a little too closely :)


Aunt Sarah said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the second to last picture of Jackson at the party! What a sweet little cowboy!

Aunt Glo said...

What a great birthday party with the cutest little cowboy I know and the best looking cupcakes I have ever seen!

noni and granddaddy said...

Tell Jackson he does the cowboy look very well. So if the modeling doesn't come through, he can learn to rope and ride! We can't wait to see all of you. Tell Jackson Granddaddy will bring the new car just for him. P.S. Tell mom if the doctor thing fall through, I know some bakeries that would love to hire her! Amazing animal cake toppers!