Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What Creativity!

 Jackson is really starting to show his creativity and his imagination. He has become a master of getting in and out of his crib, so it is time for a toddler bed! I have two funny stories. The other day I put Jackson down for his nap. I went into my bedroom and was folding laundry. I look over at the video monitor and it was unplugged. I walk over to his room and I can hear him playing with his toys. I go to open the door and he had locked it! Quite the scheme!! I unlocked the door, took his toys out, and put him back to bed. A couple minutes later I see him pulling himself out of his crib. I went into his room and he was hiding behind his chair! Then, I thought he was sleeping when all of a sudden, in walks Jackson with a bowl and a banana. When he woke up from his nap, he had gone downstairs, moved the chair to the counter where the bananas were, got a bowl, and brought them to me to give him his afternoon snack. I had heard noise downstairs but just thought it was the workers in the basement. Needless to say, the gate is now always locked during sleeping hours! The first pictures are of Jackson on his first hike in Pigeon Forge. He loved it!
 He was sitting here and could hear all the birds. He kept saying "What is that?"
 Look at all the fallen leaves!
 Running on the trails!
 After 4 months and much heartache, Jackson's play area is finally done! This was Jackson the morning they were pouring the concrete. He loved watching the big truck! Iwill post a pic next week of him playing on it. He loves it! Thanks daddy!!
 Jackson and his friend Aiden. Too cute!
 Jackson showing some of his imagination. He was feeding Big Bird some oatmeal.

Jackson loves trains! Noni bought him this train. He loved to put the yogurt covered raisins in the train and then eat them. Thanks Noni!

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Aunt Sarah said...

Although I LOVE the cheesy smiles we get from our adorable Jackson, I must admit that I've fallen in love with his smile in the picture of Jackson in his pjs. I think I want a copy of that one!!