Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First Day of School!

 Well, we have survived our first week of school! Jackson has done really well. He still cries when I drop him off, but the teachers assure me that it doesn't last very long and they have pictures of him smiling to prove it! We had an open house, so I was able to see what a day for him entails. I was pleased to see that they actually have a little curriculum for learning colors, shapes etc. They even put on a little performance at the end of the year for the parents! Apparently, Jackson's favorite things are of  course the playground, but he also loves art. The teachers said that once they started doing an art project, he started enjoying himself. This first picture is of Jackson's big day.  Of course, he had to show me his big cheesy "cheese" grin!

I attempted to get a shot of him just smiling, but was unsuccessful.
This was too funny! All of a sudden, Jackson ran out of his room saying "I did it!"  What did he do? If you look closely, he put on a swim diaper over his pajamas. He was very proud of himself!

Unfortunatley, we did not make it through our first week of school without catching our first cold, so there aren't that many pics this week. Jackson is feeling much better now, so hopefully next week will bring more photo opportunities!


Aunt Glo said...

I'm sure Jackson will be the star of his class!! I can't get over how big he looks standing in front of the door!! Tell him to get over that cold...we have to catch up on lots of playtime!!

Aunt Sarah said...

Aunt Glo is right! He looks so grown up and big in the first picture! What a sweetheart!