Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!

We made our annual trip to Berry Patch Farms this past weekend to pick out our pumpkins! I was so excited to see Jackson's reaction when he saw the sea of pumpkins or in Jackson language "pupums". Jackson was most thrilled with the tractor ride and couldn't stop watching the tractor as it brought people to the patch.  We picked out one small pumpkin for Jackson to decorate, and Jackson had his first taste of apple cider! Jackson continues to increase his vocabularly daily and has started to verbalize some opposites such as up/down, push/pull, inside/outside etc. He also just started saying yes instead of just shaking his head yes. Funny how he learned to say No so much earlier!

Jackson kept picking one little pumpkin up and then throwing it down when he found another one.

For some reason Jackson had to sit on every pumpkin!

Daddy and Jackson at the pumpkin patch!

Jackson climbing on the scarecrow.
After many nights of Jackson climbing out of the crib, we converted his crib to a daybed. One step closer to a big boy bed! Jackson loves his bed but also loves his new found freedom. It has been challenging keeping him in his bed, but each night gets a little better.

After much heartache and 4 long months, Jackson's play area is finished! Jackson absolutely loves it!!

Jackson's latest trick...shooting baskets. Check out that follow through!


L Rukes said...

Love how the play area turned out! Basketball player in the making!

Aunt Glo said...

Family Pumpkin Patch picture is great! Jackson's follow through is just like how his Daddy taught him...Good job!!

noni and granddaddy said...

So glad we finally have the safety area for Jackson to play. Watch out, the pros may be looking to give him a signing bonus. We just love seeing Jackson's pictures. He looks so grown up sitting in his bed. Tell him we love him very much.
Noni and Granddaddy