Thursday, June 11, 2009

25 weeks!

Jackson is almost 6 months old and we have had a busy week! We continue to have firsts with the biggest one being that Jackson is now saying "dada". I recorded it the first time he said it and I was kind of hoping it was a fluke so I could surprise Greg and play it on Father's Day. Jackson had other plans and the next morning when Jackson woke up all you could hear from the monitor was him saying "dada". The first word being dada does have some perks. Now I can just roll over in bed and say Jackson is calling you! Jackson also went to his first church service. Despite the fact that the service was right in the middle of his morning nap, he did perfectly! We did have to walk out at one point not because he was crying, but because he is so vocal when he is playing. Jackson also had his first taste of sweet potatoes. He is not quite sure if he likes it, but we are going to keep trying. We have been quite busy this week getting ready for Jackson's baptism on Sunday. We are so excited to have Noni, Granddaddy, Aunt Gloria, Uncle Joe, and Cortney here for the big day. Here are some pics from the week. The above picture is from our trip to the zoo. As you can see, Mary is much more interested in Jackson than anything else!

We went over to our friend Kim's house for dinner. She has three little girls and Jackson was a big hit. He loved playing with them and just kept giggling! This is Sarah giving Jackson a big hug!

Jackson laughing at the girls. He is a flirt already!

Mary has the best toys! Can I have one mom?

Jackson and Mary taking a bath together. The kids were very slippery, but had a great time!

Jackson sitting on the church lawn.

Jackson on the church lawn looking at everything except mommy with the camera!

Jackson catching a little snooze before we arrive at the next store.

Planning a baptism party is hardwork!

I thought the shirt was appropriate. It says "Caution Teething".

Bye Bye! Next week when I see you I will be baptized!!

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