Friday, June 19, 2009

26 weeks and Baptism!

Well, Jackson is officially 6 months old and baptized! We had a wonderful baptismal weekend! Thank you Noni, Granddaddy, Aunt Glo, Uncle Joe, Cortney, and Scooter for making the trip to celebrate Jackson's special day! Also, thank you Aunt Kiera, Uncle Brad and Cousin Mary for coming as well. Jackson did great during the baptism. Dr. Mathews carried him down the aisle for everyone to see and he was a trooper. Our family also became members of the church that Sunday so after church everyone came up to greet and welcome us and Jackson smiled the whole time! After the service, Anna and I threw a brunch for Jackson and Nathaniel, who was also baptized. Both babies were little angels the entire time. There were a lot of pictures taken so next week will be a continuation. Here are a few to enjoy now!

Jackson with his first taste of watermelon. He loved it!

Jackson enjoying a little tummy time.

Jackson was playing with a paper towel and of course he put it in his mouth. While he was playing, it ripped and he thought it was so funny!

The family before the big baptism!

Dr. Mathews and the family. While walking Jackson down the aisle, Dr. Mathews thought Jackson may have also christened his outfit, but it was a false alarm! Whew!!

The proud parents.

May angel on the altar.

My angel on church lawn. We had to put the changing pad down because it was a little damp, and I didn't want to ruin his outfit.

Proud daddies of baptized boys!

Proud mommies of baptized boys!

The boys with their cake. Nathaniel was taking a little snooze on mommy. So sweet!

Jackson sitting with his cake. It sure does look good!

6 more months and I will be able to try a piece!
The Winterrowd family with Jackson. Thanks for making the trip! See you soon!!


Kiera said...

Jackson - congratulations on getting baptized!!! You are so big sitting up like a big boy!!

Melissa Johnson said...

What a cutie pie. Just want to smooch him!!