Thursday, June 4, 2009

24 weeks!

Jackson is now 5 1/2 months! We had a wonderful weekend visiting with Mike and Charmaine who made the trip from North Carolinia. They are expecting their little girl to arrive September 1st, so they were able to get a dose of life as parents! Jackson also had his second trip to downtown and actually enjoyed it much better. We had lunch with friends and Jackson was a big hit! Jackson continues to do new things each day. He is really sitting well to the point where I no longer have to sit behind him. I do put pillows behind him just in case he should take a tumble. He is also much more dexterous and loves to grab the smallest item on toys such as tags or small pieces of ribbon. He is also started the slapping stage where he loves to bang on everything even his own leg. He has also learned how to drink out of a water bottle. Now if he sees me drinking from one, he gets upset until I give him a drink as well. He sure is spoiled!! We have also entered to the wonderful drooling stage. He always drooled a little bit, but now it is to the point that he is going to have to start wearing a bib. Teeth hurry up and come in! Here are some pics from the week.

Sujatha and Jackson eating lunch in the city before she took off for Paris. Hope you are having fun!

Who needs a sippy cup when you have water bottles?

This is a picture of Jackson as I introduced his new toy the rolling ball. He is not quite sure what this thing is.

A couple of minutes is the greatest toy on earth. Jackson is very vocal when he is playing so this picture is in mid yell.

I love sitting up like a big boy!

This picture is the day before the drool-athon began. Notice just the small drool spots.

And here we are with the drool full force!

Nice big drool spot.

This is a picture of Jackson in a full on giggle. I love when he smiles big because he crinkles his nose up like his daddy does.
I couldn't resist taking all the pictures while he was laughing.
Still laughing.
Jackson holding the sippy cup by himself like a big boy. He drinks a little bit from it, but mostly he uses is as a teething ring.


Kiera said...

Its bib time!!! Love the pictures of him laughing!

L Rukes said...

Agreed! The laughing pics are great! Funny - I've got a water bottle lover too. I think they just like doing what YOU do!

Melissa Johnson said...

I think he is looking a lot like Mama these days!!