Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! This year will not be remembered as our best Christmas as my poor kiddos were sick :(.Beckett had a fever of 103 and both kids were vomiting. We missed out on a lot of things we typically do like the nativity service at church and Christmas dinner, butwe made the most out of what we could do! One of Jackson's favorite part of Christmas is making the Christmas cookies! Noni got all of us these adorable aprons this year and, they were so excited to put them to use!

My sweet boys! So glad they like to bake with mommy!!

Beckett was really able to participate this year. Here he is rolling out the the dough!

Jackson has become much more meticulous with his cookie cutting :)

Favorite part! Decorating! It is so funny to me how carefully Jackson now decorates his cookies.

These boys conquered the cookie making and decorating!

Tyically we go to the 3:00 nativity service at church, but this year we had to skip it. The boys still got to open their traditional Christmas Eve present!

Next on the list was viewing their message from Santa to see if they were on the nice list or naughty list. Jackson was so nervous to see if he made the cut! Santa told Jackson that his big task for this year was to try not to bite his nails. Did he try hard enough? He did!!!!

Next was Beckett. Beckett's task was to try to be nicer to his brother. I caught this photo of Jackson as he said, "I am not sure if he tried hard enough." Santa thought so though! 
Time to scatter the reindeer food for the reindeer to munch on while Santa delivered the presents!

Big throw!

Time to leave out the milk and cookies! Beckett decided to test the milk for Santa.

It's almost time to go to sleep. So special to have Noni read the book about the boys visit with Santa!

So sweet!

Chrismtas morning came bright and early at 5:30 am! Jackson was so excited he could hardly stand it. Poor Beckett really wasn't feeling that great :(

Time to see if Santa came!

He came! Jackson's favorite gift from Santa is his huge lion. He sleeps with this massive lion every night and drags it everywhere! Beckett's favorite was his imaginext rover. He pushes that toy all over the house!

Time to open the gifts from Noni and Granddaddy and us!

Jackson was super excited to give everyone the gifts he picked out for them. He did such a great job! He bought Beckett a car and motorcycle.

He bought daddy an ice scooper and a walker coozie.

He bought Granddaddy an electric thermometer for his grill.

He bought Noni this black scarf. He bought me a beautiful snowflake cheese plate and a gorgeous necklace and earrings. He did such a great job!!

One of Jackson's favorites from us was his new flicker!

Stocking time! Once Beckett saw there was candy in his stocking, he perked up a bit.

One of Beckett's favorite presents was his laser tag! The kids love playing this all around the house. Noni and Granddaddy also bought them some walkie talkies, which are awesome! The boys grab their walkie talkies, jump on their riding toys, and zoom all around the yard talking to eachother.

Daddy's present from mommy...a ping pong table! The instructions said it would take 2 hours to put together with 2 people. My competitive husband was determined to do it in half the took 2 hours :)

Daddy's other present was Beats headphones. This one has used it way more than daddy has! He LOVES music! His favorite songs right now are Maroon 5 Animals, Taylor Swift Shake if Off, Calvin Harris Blame it on the Night, Meghan Trainor All About the Base, and Macklemore Can't Hold Us.

Loves putting on his music and riding his 4 wheeler!

Jackson has been begging for the Lego Millenium Falcon. It is really expensive and the age is 9-14. We decided to get it for him and our 6 year old finished it in 2 days!! Since everyone is now better, we are going to try to have a fun New Years. This one is determined to try to stay up until Midnight. We shall see! Happy New Year everyone!

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