Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fun with Friends!

It's hard to believe that summer is already halfway over! Wednesday is the main day I have with the boys, so I try to do something extra special with them each Wednesday. This week we decided to head to the zoo with our friends Jack and Henry. We have not been to the zoo in a long time, and now that they have a new splash pad, we thought it was a perfect time to see some animals and cool off! Beckett was so excited when I told him we were going to the zoo and couldn't wait to see all the animals!

Feeding the birds is always a favorite! Beckett was squealing with laughter every time a bird ate from his stick!

My 2 silly Meerkats!

Boys! They love to climb! Since they were all climbing on top of a rock, I decided to make it a photo opportunity :)

We were super excited to see that we could feed the giraffes! Beckett was so funny trying to feed them. He would try to put in their mouth and would drop it. When he would bend down to repick up the lettuce, all the giraffes would move toward him and he would drop it again. He eventually got it into the target.

Jackson quickly placed the lettuce on its long purple tongue and removed his hand!

This picture cracked me up because they are all looking down int he same direction as the gorilla statue as if he is showing them something.

Splash pad!

This is the first time Beckett has been to a splashpad, and let me tell you, he was in heavan! This boy loves water!!

Having a blast!

Do you think he is enjoying himself?

No trip to the zoo would be complete without a train ride! On the train ride, the boys heard that you can spend the night at the zoo. They were all very excited about this, so I think we are going to try this in the early fall when it is not too hot!

This weekend was also the Legofest in Atlanta. I bought the tickets for this event in February and we didn't realize that Daddy was on call, so Jackson was able to pick a buddy to go with us. Thomas loves legos just as much as Jackson does, so this was right up his alley! The kids had the best time! "Everything is Awesome!"

They had all sorts of models made entirely out of Legos. It was really quite impressive! Beckett, of course, loves anything with swords, so I couldn't get him away from the light saber for a photo :)


The massive brick pile! The boys must have stayed there for 30 minutes building different things. I love watching them be creative and use their imagination to build!!

Race cars! This was by far Beckett's favorite part. We made him a little car and he just kept racing it down the track.

Watching it go! We had to pull him away from this part so we could see the rest of the festival.

Jackson with his car! Each time his car made it to the end of the ramp, he would yell "Bulls eye!"

Indiana Jones!

The boys second favorite area was the Lego Hero Factory. They each built their own hero and there was a model city for them to rescue and defeat the bad guys. Also, right up Beckett's alley!


Showing me their muscle bumps

And finally, Darth Vader. Such a fun week! We are looking forward to heading to Noni's beach this week to ring in the 4th of July! We can't wait!!

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