Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! This is a long post, but there are so many fun things that we do to celebrate this holiday. Before I get into the Halloween fun, I was able to volunteer at Jackson's school as a center leader. Basically, the kids move between 3 different centers, so I was in charge of helping them with Halloween bingo. It was very cute and Jackson was super excited to have me there. After I volunteered, we were able to go to his music class for a preview of what they were doing. I was so impressed with how dynamic the teacher is and how much they are learning. They are actually learning howto ready music which I find so impressive. They practice reading the music and then playing the beats on different drums.

Here is Jackson on the tall drum. Not only do they read the music and play the beat, but they also sing and have little dance moves. It was so much fun to see this little sneak peak!!

We also had Jackson's fall festival at school. I had to volunteer for a short period of time so Jackson ran around with Nathaniel for the first half an hour. Then Jackson and I were off to check it out. We started off with the cake walk, which I always loved as a child.

Guess who won! Jackson was super excited to pick out his winning cake. He chose a green Frankenstein :)

Nailed it! Jackson would swing and hit the ball so hard that the little kid in charge kept jumping out of the way :)

Ring toss! Jackson loves playing games and we must have played each game 5 times!!

It was really sweet to see the older kids volunteering their time for the preschoolers. They were very patient with them.

More games!!


My poor sweet Beckett. You can see how flushed his face is with fever :( He got a really bad cold so wasn't exactly up for most of the festivites.

I was, however, able to get this sweet shot of my handsome boys.

Pumpkin carving time! We had so many pumpkins this year, that it took us several days to get them all carved, but we did it!

Pumpkin guts!

Finally, our first trick or treating time had arrived! Trunk or treat at the church with my astrounaut and little world. Beckett wasn't sure about wearing his costume at first, but he quickly warmed up to it. Thank goodnes because mommy worked hard to make it!

Jackson and Aidan posing before it was time to get some candy!

These kids are just watching the world go by....

First trick or treat! It did not take long for Beckett to figure out that putting on a costume meant you got candy!!
Jackson was a pro

After the candy, we went to enjoy the other festivities which included a petting zoo this year. Beckett loved to see the animals!

I didn't get a picture, but our reign for costume contest winning continues! Beckett won for cutest baby :)

We decided to let Jackson draw what he wanted to the big pumpkin to look like. He decided to draw a momma and a baby.

The finished product!  Good job Jackson on your art schools and daddy on your carving! Definately the best pumpkin this year!!

On Halloween day, we headed to Jackson's preschool for the annual Halloween parade. This is so cute! The preschoolers alll parade

On Halloween day, we headed to Jackson's preschool for the annual Halloween parade. This was super cute! The preschoolers all came into the gym and paraded around while the parents and lower school students watched and cheered. They felt like rock stars!

I really can't say enough positive things about our experience so far at Walker. We love it!

As Jackson was leaving, he lifted up his screen so he could see me. Poor Beckett felt so awful, he was actually laying on the foor in the gym.

Halloween night! We went back and forth about where to trick or treat this year and ended up eating pizza at our house and then heading back to the old neighborhood to trick or treat.

Beckett was not feeling well, so he was not about to wear his world costume. I took him to a couple of houses and then brought him home to sleep while the other kids continued. Here is Beckett at his first house. I think the girl is more excited than he is :)

The "Scary" house in the neighborhood!

I had to put this picture in of my poor sweet boy getting his first scare. He went up to the "Scary" house and there was a man in a gorilla costume sitting in a rocking chair. He didn't move so the kids really didn't pay any attention to him. As they grabbed the candy, he yelled "Give me some candy". Needless to say by Jacson's expression, he was quite frightened.

Daddy rescued him and took him back up so he could see that it wasn't a real gorilla man. He shook his hand and got some more candy and all was well again.

Best buddies. These two have been trick or treating together for the last 3 years. Such sweet memories!!

The loot! What a wonderful Halloween! I just love this time of year and all the wonderful family friendly events that occur. We are now gearing up for Thanksgiving and are so excited that Noni, Granddaddy, and Gigi are making the trip to celebrate!


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Sarah said...

My poor little man's face at the scary house is so sad but so funny! Poor guy!