Monday, April 29, 2013

Ben's Big Day!

 Ben is baptized! What a wonderful celebration with family!! I was so proud to be this sweet little boy's Godmother; however, I almost missed the entire thing! Greg had to work the morning of Ben's baptism, so he left at 5:30 to try to see some patient's before the baptism. I got myself and the boys all ready for the big day. Right when we were about to leave, West Cobb Pine Straw decided to deliver our pine straw. Unfortunately, as they were piling up the 100 bales that we had ordered, they had completely blocked our driveway. I had to wait for them to unload before we could leave. Then, on the way to the church, which I have now been 3 times, we got lost. I am not placing any blame, but a certain daddy on this blog did tell us to turn the wrong way :) I finally made it just in time!!
 Here is sweet Ben before the big moment! All smiles!!
The last time we were here, it was for James' baptism. I had to keep a close eye on Jackson during this portion for fear that he was going to take a swim in the baptismal water. This year Mimi had a close watch on James :) Luckily, all the kids did great!!
Baptism! Ben was not thrilled about this part, but it didn't take him long to be all smiles again!
All better! Ben definitely had a lot to say that morning! He was jibber jabbering the entire time. It was really very cute!!
Pic with the proud Godmother!
Kiera's brother in law, Austin, was supposed to bet the Godfather. Unfortunately, their newest little baby boy became sick with RSV and they were unable to make it. Luckily, Kiera's dad was able to step in!
There is a really cute bench outside the church and I tried very hard to get some cute shots of all the kids. Not easy!

I think Jackson got sleepy in this shot!

Beckett loved climbing on the bench!

After the baptism, we headed over to Brad and Kiera's for a beautiful brunch outside! Everything was delicious, and the day couldn't have been better! It is so nice to be able to celebrate these special occasions with family!!

Just a couple of other pics from the week. 3 silly kiddos! We were at La Parilla and they decided to use the tortilla containers for hats! Jackson is doing his best to keep his head straight so his container of silly string didn't fall.
Who loves chocolate?
I am always impressed by how well Beckett uses utensils!
We had Beckett's 1 year photo shoot in the Roswell square last week. (Better late than never) This is him right before. It started out a little chilly but the sun was shining and Beckett was smiling. Can't wait to see how they turned out!

Jackson has a lot going on right now. Between baseball, soccer, and swimming, he has a full plate. He is loving all of them though! I am so proud of him!! We are at the end of baseball season and Jackson has improved so much his first season. He started off batting 3rd from the bottom, but has now moved up to lead off hitter and short stop! He is doing so great!!

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