Monday, September 10, 2012

Catching up!

 Summer has come to an end and I am really behind on my blog posts! We have had so much happen....Mary turned 4, we did Beckett's 6 month photo shoot, we visited Lego land, went to Kiawah for Labor day, James turned 2, and we hosted a baby shower for Cortney. There was no way I could catch up in 1 post, so this is the first of 2 or 3. First of all, sweet Mary turned 4 on August 16th. I cannot believe that 4 years have already gone by! She is such a sweet, beautiful little girl and we are so happy to have cousins so close!

Mary and Jackson patiently waiting for their cupcakes. They are such good buddies!! Jackson gets so excited whenever he gets to see Mary and James.
 Thanks for he ride buddy! James loved to push Beckett all around the house!
Mary opening up her present. I cannot tell you how excited she was! 
Since Mary got an American girl doll this year, we bought her some matching pjs for her and McKenna. I wish I had videotaped her excitement. She was shaking she was so giddy!! It was so CUTE!
 Beckett is growing up way too quickly. He is now swinging on the baby swing at the park like a big boy! On a different note, we found a lymph node in Beckett's leg just like his brother had. We waited a month hoping it would go away, but it actually got bigger and another one popped up. So, unfortunately, my sweet little boy is going to have to go to the OR on the 17th to have it taken out. I really believe that it is going to be nothing like his big brother's but my heart aches knowing they are going to have to cut on my little boy. The waiting is definately the worse part, and I can't wait to put all this behind us!
Jackson is such a big helper! He loves to play "babysitter" and feed Beckett.
Big boy Beckett is also no longer in the carseat with the jogger! He can now sit up and take the world in!!
 My good friend Angie hosted a campaign fundraiser in her meadows and they had all these jumpies for the kids! This is Beckett and Lorie enjoying the beautiful sunny day!
 Best buds going down the slide. I actually went down the slide with both Beckett and Jackson. I didn't know how Beckett would react, but he just smiled!
 So big!
 Playing a little soccer.
Well, we also finally did Beckett's 6 month photos and did some family shots with them. We prepped Jackson that if he listened to Alisha, and smiled when she asked him too, he would get to go to Legoland. Well it was a day to remember! Jackson was perfect during Beckett's photos and the family shots, but he was not a fan of pictures of just him. He cried and cried and cried. We eventually gave up and said we were going home and he couldn't go to Legoland. As we drove away, he erupted into a full blown panic. We ended up taking him back and he tried so hard to calm down and we were able to get a couple of shots of him. I have no idea what his tear streaked face will look like, but we got it done!
Legoland! This is Jackson seeing how many legos tall he is.
 This is Beckett on the scale to see how many Legos he weighs.
 " I am this tall!"
 Jackson and daddy on the flying ride!
 Well, Jackson has also started preschool at First United. We are so lucky that 5 of his little buddies from last year and in the same class again. This is Jackson at the "Meet Friends Day" prior to the first day. He was so excited to see his buddy Charlie!
Friday night pizza and concert in the park! We went with a group of friends to eat pizza an enjoy an outdoor concert at the park. They had jumpies at this event as well, but it was $1 a slide. Well, it really does pay to know people. It was they same jumpie company that was at the fundraiser, so they recognized us. We were able to make a deal and all the kids got bands that allowed them to have unlimited turns! They had the best time and the adults were able to enjoy some adult time as well!
 My girlfriend Nicole has 3 beautiful little girls. This is her youngest, Lanie. It always amazes me how even at this young age, little girls are drawn to babies. She loved holding his hands and hugging him. It was really sweet!
First day of 3s! I cannot believe we are starting another year of preschool. Jackson was so excited to get back to school and meet his new teachers and friends. We have already signed up for a few activities. On Mondays, he does fall crafts, Tuesday is Tennis, Friday is movement (PE) and at the end of this month, he starts flag football! It is going to be a busy year!!

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