Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer is Winding Down!

 I cannot believe it is August and summer is quickly coming to an end! I feel like we have had such a busy summer with traveling that we really haven't had a week to just relax a little bit. Well, this week was the week! All summer I have been wanting to check out the Roswell splash park, so this week we did with a bunch of Jackson's friends. They had the best time! They ran around in the water, had a picnic, and played on two playgrounds. The best is only $1!! A great place to beat the heat!
 Jackson loved running through all the water tunnels.
We took a break for a little picnic lunch! 
Back in the water!
 For whatever reason, Jackson did not want to take his hood off. He is so funny sometimes!
All that running and a crash is boud to occur. Well of course it did. Jackson was running and a mother was trying to find her child and not really paying attention to wear she was going and clipped Jackson as he ran by. He literally flipped in the air and landed on the concrete. He got up screaming! I really thought we were going to have a lot of blood and possibly a missing tooth, but nothing! A mintue later, he was up and running again!
 I did have to keep reminding Jackson not to drink the water!!
Time for a little snack break!
 Beckett even got into the water fun! He just sat there and splashed and splashed!!
Good morning! Beckett is really growing up fast! He is sitting up like a big boy and wants to eat everything he can get his hands on! His favorites right  now are black beans and peas. 
Jackson is so funny. Who knew a $1 toy could be so much fun! Jackson found these capsules that you put in hot water and out come vehicle shaped sponges. He would mix them and start screaming "They are blooming!" He carries them around everywhere!!

Poor Beckett...Jackson loves to put his sponges on his head :)

Jackson has also really gotten into Super Heros. He loves to run around the house with a flag tied around his neck like a cape, a hanger hung on the back of his shirt as his weapon, and of course the above super hero pose.
Friday, we had a playdate with Sarah, Sam, and Nathaniel to go swimming. Unfortunately, it started raining. That did not deter the kids! They quickly grabbed their umbrellas and were running around. They kept talking about their mission and huddling together. It was so funny! Love boys and their imaginations!!
 Huddling on their mission.

Beckett was quite intrigued.
Beckett had some firsts this weekend! Since this was the first Saturday morning we have been together just us in a long time, we took a jog to the farmer's market. This was Beckett's first jog in the Bob without the carseat. He did great! He also is now joining us in a high chair at restaurants. He is getting a much better view of this crazy world!!
We ended the weekend with a visit from Greg's high school friend and his two boys. They were on their way to family camp and decided to break the trip up and stay with us Saturday night. The boys had the best time together! They played at the park and ran around outside just being boys. Jackson was really tuckered and ended up snoozing most of the afternoon!!

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