Sunday, July 15, 2012

4th of July!

 Whew! Happy 4th of July!! What a busy celebration!! It started off with hanging with friends swimming at the country club party, then we had a cookout with friends at Angie's house, then we did sparklers at another friend's house and ended it with watching fireworks at another friend's house. That's right....we had 4 parties to attend and managed to attend all of them without any tears shed! We had so much fun celebrating our Independance with some of our favorite people!! This first picture is Jackson getting ready to get his face painted. The lady told him to hold his chin up, so this is the face he made the entire time. He looked so darn cute! Of course he had to choose Spider Man!
 He then waited patiently in line for a balloon....and it's spider man.
Swimming with Payton.
 One balloon wasn't quite enough, so he decided to get back in line for a sword.
Party number 2 in the meadows! How all american can we get? Picking apples on 4th of July!! Believe it or not, Angie has an apple tree that is filled with hundreds of apples. The kids had so much fun climbing the ladders, picking the apples, and then eating them.
It was really funny how they all lined up. There was a girls line and a boys line :)
 Yummy apples!
Every year I make a flag cake and this year was no different. The kids were so excited to eat it!!
 Party #3...Sparklers on Maple Street!
Jackson was not so sure about the sparklers!
Much better when they are not lit!
Sam decided to give Nathaniel and Jackson a ride around the driveway in the wagon. You can tell by the looks on their faces that he would gain quite a bit of speed!
Finally Party #4! Firework watching on Wright street. We had a perfect view and the kids were all contained in Jeremy's truck!
Beckett even made it up to view the fireworks!
 They were so mezmerized! Despite the fact that we started our adventure at 9 am and ended it at 10 pm....the kids did great and had a wonderful 4th of July!
Happy 4th of July everyone!!

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Sarah said...

I can't stop giggling about the chin up picture! Priceless!!