Monday, February 27, 2012

Sweet brothers!!

Sweet brothers!! I just can't say enough how wonderful Jackson is at being a big brother. He loves Beckett so much and always wants to touch him or kiss him. If he cries, he will run to me and say "Mommy, Beckett needs you!" If I am cooking dinner or busy, he will run over to him and say "It's okay and rock him." The other day, Paola told Jackson that she was going to take Beckett home with her and if that was okay. Jackson ran over to me and said "Mommy, Paolo is not taking Beckett with her, is she?" I asked him if he wanted her to take him and he said, "She can't take my baby!" It was so cute!!! We made a big purchase this week and bought a Bob double jogging stroller. Since the weather has been so nice, we have been able to use it quite a lot this week. Both kids love it! We also have some wonderful news in that my sister had her little girl Coraline Elizabeth on 2/21. She was 7 pounds 10 ounces and 19.25 inches. She has a head full of hair and couldn't be cuter! I showed Jackson a picture of her and he said "Awww, she's cute". I can't wait to hold her in a couple of weeks! I am also so excited to say that Beckett has started smiling! There is nothing sweeter than seeing that first smile!! Melts my heart!!!!

Welcome to the world Coraline!!

Jackson entertaining his brother. He is such a big helper!!

Future soccer stud? Jackson loves to put on his daddy's shin guards!!

Cozy :)

Jackson LOVES giving his brother kisses!!

Jackson is getting to be such a big boy that a few weeks ago we started a chores chart for him. You can see that he has 6 things on his chart and each time he does one, he gets a sticker. At the end of the day, we count up his stickers and he gets a quarter for each sticker. He then has 3 piggy, church, jackson. He has to put 1 quarter in his save bank, 1 in his give to the church bank, and the rest for himself. He gets very excited and loves putting them in his banks! If you can see, today he already has 3 stickers on his potty chart. I think we have finally turned the potty corner because Jacskon has now pooped on the potty twice and went pee pee on the potty at school! Since he went poo poo on the potty, he got to go to the toy store and pick out any toy he wanted. He got an airplane that is bigger than he is! I will post a picture next week. He then said the cutest thing. He said "Mommy, when I grow up I want to be really brave and rescue people in an airplane." :) His airplane also came with 3 pilots and he kept calling them "piles". It was so funny! These are the first "action" figures he has ever had and it was so cute to see him use his imagination playing with them. Noni, I think it is time to get out the GI Joes!

Jackson's piggy banks :)

Beckett's first smile!

Had to post this pic of Jackson's first smile. They are definately brothers!


Aunt Glo said...

Jackson is already a stud of a soccer player!! Miss my sweet little Beckett and the only thing I see missing in their first smile pic are those cute little dimples!! Welcome to the world Coraline, I know you will give these little guys a run for their money.

Aunt Sarah said...

Love, love, love the brother kisses photo. Can Jackson be any sweeter?! I can' t wait for the cousins to be together in a few weeks!