Monday, January 16, 2012

1 month?!

Where has the last month gone? I cannot believe that my sweet little man has blessed us with his presence for a month already!! Before I talk about what has been going on with Beckett, I wanted to add the pictures of our trip to Snow Mountain. Little did we know as we headed on this adventure that little Beckett would be making his appearance in less than 24 hours! This is the crew before embarking on the mountain. Snow mountain is a snow covered Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta. Since it typically doesn't snow in Atlanta, they convert this park to a sledding, snowball and snowman making extravaganza! It is so much fun and this year, Jackson was tall enough to go down the big mountain!

Here they go down the big mountain for the first time. Believe it or not, after they rode it the first time, Greg thought it may be mild enough for me to go down. Thank goodness I decided not to risk it, because I really would have thought I did something to cause Beckett to come early!!

They made it! They all loved it, and as soon as they reached the bottom, they headed right back up again!

My angel making a snow angel :)

Jackson pulling up his sled like a big boy!

They had some smaller sledding areas for the little guys to enjoy. This is Jackson and Nathaniel heading down!

So much fun!

Posing for a quick pic!

Not only did we do Snow Mountain, but we also did the Christmas portion of the park. This included Polar Express 4D experience, where is actually where I was watching when my water broke :(, and a train ride around the park with Christmas lights and caroles. This is Jackson so excited pointing as the train came!

And now for the updates on my sweet Beckett. Like I said, I can't believe he has been here for a month! So much has happened in that short little time and he has already changed so much! He is absolutely an angel baby and never cries!! He is so content and just sleeps and eats. I am not sure if this is going to change, but I am hoping for the best! In the last month, he has grown like a weed! When we left the hospital he was 4 pounds and16 1/2 inches. At his 2 week visit, he was 5 pounds 5 ounces and 18 3/4 inches, before his circumscion he was 6 pounds 5 ounces and 21 inches, and before his RSV antibody, he weighed in at 7 pounds!! So in 1 short month, he has gained 3 pounds and grown 4 1/2 inches!! We also did his newborn photo shoot which went perfectly! We were there for over 3 hours and he slept the entire time. She must have taken 1000 pictures and I cannot wait to see them! We have pretty much stayed in house these last few weeks to minimize Beckett's exposure to germs but now that he has received the RSV antibody, I feel a little better about taking him out. Jackson has been a great big brother!! The poor guy has been cooped up in the house with us, but luckily he has a lot of new toys from his birthday and Christmas to keep him occupied! He is very good about entertaining himself when I have to feed the baby and loves to help by getting me diapers etc. Last night we actually let the brothers take a bath together, which Jackson thought was a real treat!!

My two boys :)

We didn't get to celebrate Christmas this year with Brad and Kiera because they went to St. Simon's, so we had a late Christmas when they came back. This is Jackson riding the scooter that they bought him. He absolutely loves it!!

Also during this month was Jackson's buddy Nathaniel's birthday. They had a petting zoo! This was also the first time that Daddy was left alone with Beckett and he did great! He had to feed him and everything! Good job Daddy!!!

Waiting patiently for the cake.

Nothing can perk them up like a little construction themed cake!

Happy 1 month Beckett! We celebrated this day by getting Beckett a cake and letting Jackson blow out his candle. Jackson picked out his cake and thought Beckett would LOVE a frog shaped cake!!

1 month old and as sweet as can be. As hard as it is to believe he is 1 month old, it is even harder to believe that he is still not supposed to be here yet!!

Jackson loves to take pictures with his brother.

Since Beckett has surpassed the 7 pound mark, we decided to get out the swing and see if he liked it as much as his brother did. So far it is a hit!


Aunt Sarah said...

What a great post! I cannot wait to see the little munchkin! I'm so proud of Jackson for being such a good helper! XOXO

Kiera said...

Beckett is too cute, love the pics!