Monday, February 7, 2011

Family Trip to the Aquarium!

Unfortunately, this weekend wasn't as warm and sunny as last weekend, so we decided to take Jackson to the Georgia Acquarium. Jackon was very excited to see the fish and kept saying he wanted to see a blue and yellow fish. He also couldn't wait to see Nemo. Going to the aquarium! Jackson loves to walk along every concrete wall he comes to. He loves to practice his balance beam act! As far as a Jackson update, he continues to expand his vocabularly daily. Some of my new favorite phrases are "EEEW, yucky!", which I now here all to often when I try to get him to eat different foods. Also a favorite "Emma poop. EEEW. Stinky!" Poor Emma. He has also added shapes to his vocabularly. He now correctly identifies and names a circle, square, triangle, heart, and star. We are still working on our numbers. He is very good with 1, 2, 3, but then you never know which number is going to come next! He is also starting to pick up some of the alphabet. We leave for sunny Orlando on Thursday so hopefully next week will have some fun action shots!

Staring in awe at all the fish.

Jackson saying "Hi!" to the penguins. One of Jackson's favorite episodes of Diego is when they have to rescue the penguin named Pepito. He was very excited to see them and got to crawl in a tunnel and peak his head up right next them!

Oooooh! Look at the big whale shark!

There's a blue and yellow fish!

I just like Jackson's pose in this picture. There was a diver in the tank feeding the fish and everytime he would wave at Jackson, he would turn and run away. It was so funny!

Look at all these fish!!

Jackson is really into horsey rides, which you will see in the next photo, flying through the air, and walking with his feet on your feet. Again Daddy!!

Giddy Up Horsie! Notice the clown on Greg's left hand. There are three favorite toys right now...the clown, duck and Elmo. Whatever Jackson does, one of them is following. When Jackson gets his diaper changed, so does the duck, clown or Elmo. Same thing for brushing teeth, eating, and brushing teeth.
I am not sure how we got to this point. We started off with just 2 blankets and now we have accumulated to every blanket in the house. He must sleep with at least 10 blankets at night now!

Hugs for the duck!
Jackson insisted that the duck sit in the bumbo next to him while he watched some cartoons while mommy got ready. Too funny! Jackson is always making us laugh!!


Aunt Sarah said...

I feel like he got 6 months older in one week!? Why does he look so much older in these photos! :( We'll definitely have to go to the Aquarium when we visit this summer!

Kiera said...

Love the picture of him and his duck...he is always so happy!!!

Aunt Glo said...

Fun, Fish and Family...Jackson makes Atlanta the place to be! I think he could be the entire Chamber of Commerce and do an outstanding job!!