Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It really is the most wonderful time of the year because not only is it Christmas, but it is also Jackson's birthday month! I can't believe Jackson is going to be 2 on Friday! We have really been gearing up for Christmas at the Nesmith house, which started off by picking out the family Christmas trees! Yes I said trees. This year we decided to do it Grizwald style and bought 3 Christmas trees! Jackson had so much fun picking them out and decorating them. All he kept saying was "Big green tree!".

One of Greg's patients made Jackson this adorable cake. He loved it! We may have to attempt to make a gingerbread house next year.

Well, the Christmas season would not be complete without a visit to the man in the big red suit. Last year was filled with screams as soon as Jackson was placed on Santa's lap, so we have been preparing him for this day in hopes of a tear free experience. We have been telling him he was going to meet Santa, to which he would reply "Ho, Ho, Ho!" We told him that Santa brings toys to good liitle boys and that he had to tell Santa what he wanted. He would reply "Choo Choo Pease! We were ready! Unfortunately, the day we decided to visit Santa it was 18 degrees and snowing! Like the dedicated daddy he is, this Florida boy waited outsided in the frigid air for over an hour while we waited comfortably in an 80 degree car. All so his son could tell Santa he wanted a choo choo!!

After a little over an hour, we got the call from Greg that there were only 2 in front of us. I put Jackson's coat on and told him it was time to meet Santa. This is Jackson running to meet Santa. We thought we were golden! Jackson was saying his line like a pro "Choo Choo Pease!" Daddy's torture in the frigid air would be worth it!

And a minute later.......maybe next year :)

Daddy and Jackson thawing out at the NYD. I know Jackson can't tell you how much he appreciates your sacrifices, so I will say it for him. Thank you daddy for sacrificing your face and toes so that I could meet Santa! I love you!!


Aunt Glo said...

I just LOVE that sweet smile at the NYD! Jackson will make this Christmas so special. Can't wait to see the birthday boy!!!

Kiera said...

Oh my gosh, poor Greg! Can't believe Jackson is turning 2 this week - Happy early Birthday!!!

Aunt Sarah said...

I wish we could make it to ATL for Jackson's birthday. We miss you all so much! Happy Birthday Jackson! We love you!