Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jackson's World

 I can't believe we are only 1 month away from Jackson's 2nd birthday! I thought I would use this blog post to update on Jackson's development. Jackson is finally staying in his room and sleeping through the night in his toddler bed. It was a challenge because he would get up multiple times and come in our room. He continues to expand his vocabularly and puts 3 and 4 word sentences together. Some of my favorites are "I don't know" which he says shrugging his shoulders and pronating his hands, "What is that?", which he says multiple times a day and the never ending MINE, and finally "Big (insert color) truck!" whenever he sees a truck. He knows all of his colors and animals. He used to call all animals by the sound they made, but now he will actually say the name of the animal. He is doing great at preschool with zero crying! He has a best friend there named Drew, which I think is so sweet. Everyday at the end of school, he gets a stamp on his hand. When I pick him up, that is the first thing he shows me. He loves his stamp! He still loves trains and gets very excited when he hears airplanes in the sky. We are traveling to Dallas for Thanksgiving and I can't wait to see his expression when we are actually in an airplane! This first picture was too funny! I was cleaning my car, which tends to get very messy with a toddler, and I looked over and Jackson had grabbed his booster chair and put it in the front seat andsat in it all by himself. I guess he liked the boosted veiw better!
Can you guys just make a decision? Our basement is almost complete, so we have been furniture shopping.
Happy Birthday Daddy! Mary and Jackson helping blow out the candles.
I love icing!
 Do I have any icing on my face?
Pretty flowers. I love it when I can capture a picture with Jackson's sweet smile!!
Go Kell! Jackson loves to go to football games on Friday nights to cheer on his buddy Taylor. They are undefeated so far this year. Good job Taylor!!
I love my concrete pad! Thanks daddy for going through all the trouble to make sure I have a safe place to play!!
Jackson loves music! Making some music with daddy at the Children's Museum.


Aunt Glo said...

I just love my weekly Jackson fix!! He is growing so much! I love Jackson's sweet smile by the mums on the front porch!

Kiera said...

What a great picture of Jackson by the flowers!!

Aunt Sarah said...

LOOK at that smile in the first picture!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! He's got to be the sweetest little man on the planet!

Melissa Johnson said...

I can't believe he is going to be 2!! I remember the first time u came to my house when u were still pregnant. Seems like just yesterday!