Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow Fun and Valentine's Day!

Sorry for the late post, but we left Thursday for a wonderful long weekend in Kiawah with Noni and Granddaddy. More info and pics about that on Thursday. Well, we had our first big snow in Atlanta. We got about 4 inches and was the good snow for snowman making. We had so much fun! We even got to go sledding in our yard. We didn't have a sled but a baking sheet worked just fine. Jackson wasn't so sure about it in the beginning, but once I went down  with him he had so much fun!! I don't know that we will get many of those opportunities living in the south. As far as new things with Jackson, our biggest thing is that he has figured out how to open the doors. Therefore, we have to keep them all locked. He also continues to try to walk up and down the stairs, which makes mommy very nervous! We have also added a new! Other than that things are going great! Here are some pics from the week!!

Jackson trying to eat the snowflakes!

Jackson holding his snowman. The entire time we were making it, he kept saying "ball"!
Putting the final touches on the snowman.
Jackson's first snowman!!
Jackson running to go into the snow. He was very excited!!
Happy Valentine's Day! We made daddy his favorite sugar cookies. Jackson was much better at eating the icing than actually decorating the cookies!
Jackson licking all the icing off the sugar cookies.
That was delicious mom!
Jackson's new favorite game. He loves to put the carrot in his mouth and feed it to Emma. Often he will give it to Emma and then take it right back out of her mouth and run. He loves when she chases him! Well, tune in Thursday for pics from the beach!!

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