Monday, February 8, 2010

Signing is so much fun!

Sorry for the late post, but we have been very busy this week. This past week we got almost our entire interior of our house painted, so we have had to stay out of the house most days. Thanks to Aunt Kiera for letting us crash at her place so that Jackson could take his nap. We have had a big week with Jackson as well. First of all, we have completely dropped the bottle. I was worried that he wouldn't be able to sleep without his nighttime bottle, but I have now realized that it was harder on mommy than Jackson! We also have another tooth coming in. His 3rd bottom tooth has erupted making a grand total of 7 teeth! Jackson has also added 2 words to his vocabularly...oh yeah and ball.  Probably the biggest change is that Jackson started signing this week. I used to use sign language quite a bit with Jackson from about 6 months to 10 months, but really haven't used it that much since then. Well, it just goes to show you how much they learn even that young because after Jackson went down the slide at Kangazoom, he signed "more" and has been using it ever since. He will also sign "all done" and "water" (sometimes). Well, here are some pics from the week! The first one is Jackson at his first art class. We made it through the entire class without ingesting any crayons!
Jackson picking out his next color. His project was a snowman.

Every Thursday morning we go to a music class at Southern Prep. Just recently has Jackson really gotten into it. This is him "dancing" to the music.

Jackson loves to jump into the foam pit at Southern Prep all by himself!

We are in a major ball obsession right now. Every time he sees a ball he has to go get it and throw it.

Jackson found some hula hoops and loved to try to walk around with them.

Now should I hula with the blue one or the pink one?

Daddy would be proud...he handed me the pink hula hoop and kept the blue one.

Peek a Boo!

Jackson and daddy playing on a music mat. I think Jackson has inherited his daddy's moves!


noni and granddaddy said...

The pictures are absolutely adorable! He is turning into quite the little man. We miss you all.

Aunt Sarah said...

I don't think he could get ANY cuter!!