Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Valentine's Day and Jamaica!!

 Happy Valentine's Day! This year, the boys got candy, book, and stuffed bears. Jackson's favorite chocolate is still Reese's peanut butter cups and York peppermint patties. His current favorite animal is a penguin, which is why he got a penguin book.
 Beckett's favorite chocolate is Kit Kats and Reese's Peanut butter cups. His favorite animal is still cats and alligators. Every week from the library he brings home a book on alligators or crocodiles. :)
 Jackson really doesn't play with toys per se. He is mostly outside playing some sort of sport or Nerf gun war. He does, however, still like collecting football cards, so that was his main present this year.

Beckett still loves legos and of course....Boats!!

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Enjoying the view from our room!
Our flight was delated due to a potential rocket launch in Fort Lauderdale, so we arrived later than we had hoped. As soon as we settled, we headed out to explore the resort. They had a the National Jamaica Team goalie there and the kids were given the opportunity to score a goal on him.

Goal!! Somebody is ready for soccer this year!
The weather could not have been more perfect! 85 and sunny during the day with 0 humidity. It would get a little cool at night so you they had these firepits all around the resort. Beautiful!
 I think my kids loved the all inclusive aspect the best. Because they knew they could try something else, they all tried all sorts of new foods. We learned that Beckett likes ceviche and pineapple salsa.
 Jackson also loved the pineapple salsa and steak! They had 6 different restaurants on the property. 1 of them was a Brazilian steakhouse and Jackson loved the steak! Beckett loved the turkey.
 We booked a couple of excursions through the resort. The first one was boblsledding, ziplining, and climbing the Dunns River Falls. I would say that this trip not only taught my children to try new foods, but also taught them patience. We had to take a 2 hour bus ride to get to the falls. That was 2 hours without any digital entertainment each way! They did so great and used their imaginations to entertain themselves. Here we are on the gondola ride to the bobsledding and ziplining.
 Love these faces!
Bobsledding in Jamaica?
 Cool runnings time! You control your speed and I must say, I was a little nervous on the turns that we were going to flip off into the tiny little net they had in the corners, but we didn't!
Getting all suited up for ziplining!
 Family shot!

My little adventurer loved it! 
 So did Jackson!
Daddy getting a little crazy!
That face says it all! This was by far his favorite part!
The other days we relaxed at the resort. I cannot describe how beautiful the water was!! I got to play beach volleyball and do a boot camp on the beach. Jackson met a friend and they played catch all day in the water and basketball at the pool. It was such a fun and relaxing trip!
This one loved the beach! It was nice because there were rocks that almost completely encased the area. The water was as calm as a bath tub and looked white because it was so clear! There were all sorts of fish and crabs so we had fun exploring!
Love this kid!!
Sweet brothers. They were so cute together and played so well with eachother!!
Exploring time!
Looking way to grown up!
May not so baby baby.
I think Jackson, Beckett and Greg played catch for hours!!
Beckett going for a deep one!
Taking a break with mommy!
The moment Beckett had been waiting on the boat! Here is Captain Beckett!
Waiting patiently to pull in that monster trophy fish!
Family shot! Beckett technically was not old enough to go deep sea fishing, so we paid extra to have the boat to ourselves and so he could reel one in!
Still waiting......
Where are all the fish mom?
There are no fish! Like I said, this trip taught my children the value of patience. We were on that boat for 4 hours and did not get a single nibble! Beckett still enjoyed his time on the boat, but Jackson was a little bored. They again did great without a single complaint though!
The picture just doesn't due it justice! SO BEAUTIFUL!
What an amazing trip and so many wonderful family memories! I am already thinking about our next adventure! We are home now and full on in spring sports. Jackson is playing baseball and lacrosse. He had his first lacrosse game and did amazing! It is amazing how much he has improved since fall season. He caught every pass that was thrown to him, had 2 assists for goals, and stole the ball multiple times. He is so much more aggressive and definitely one of the best players out there. He also has his first travel ball tournament this weekend! Beckett is in tball and soccer. Beckett had his first tball game. He did great! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures because I was with Jackson at baseball and Greg was coaching. He fielded a ball and tagged a runner out at second, he got on base every at bat, and he had a slide into third to avoid a tag. Go Beckett!!

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