Friday, March 13, 2015


  Meet the newest members of our family! We are the proud owners of 2 Bermadoodle puppies! We were in the market for a new puppy after Emma died and were thinking about Labradoodles or Goldendoodles since they don't shed. Noni and Graddaddy found a breeder of Bermadoodles in Charleston, which is a cross between a Bernese Mountain dog and a Standard poodle. The advantages of this breed is they don't shed and they are calmer than Labs or Goldens. Noni and Granddady checked them out for us and they seemed really sweet. The price was right, so we bought them both! I really think it was meant to be because coincidentally, the breeder's brother was in town visiting and lived near Marietta. He was able to bring the puppies home to us from Charleston! We didn't tell the boys that we bought them and set up a surprise. Greg went to meet the man to pick the puppies up and as soon as he texted me that they were here, I gave Jackson and Beckett each a present. I wrapped a doggie collar, toy, treats, and bones in the box. Jackson opened up and didn't get it first, but as soon as he saw the collar, he said "Is this dog stuff?" I said yes and asked him why he would get dog stuff. He said "For a new dog" I asked him if he had a new dog and he actually looked in the box for it. Greg then opened the door and the puppies came in. They were both so excited! I have it all on video and it is really cute.
 We let the boys name them so we have Lava-Ball, which is Jackson's, and Fire-Ball, which is Beckett's. They look almost exactly alike, so we had to immediately get collars to tell them apart!
 A boy and his dog :)
 Beckett loves the puppy but we keep having to remind him that they are babies and he can't be too rough with them!
 So sweet!
 I just love the pure joy on Beckett's face!
 The first thing Jackson did with the puppy was try to get it to play fetch. It was so funny! He didn't realize that dogs just don't automatically know how to play and need to be taught. He was so excited he couldn't wait to tell everyone at school! His teacher actually emailed me and asked if we could send in some photos so he could show the class. We printed out 4 pictures and Jackson stood in front of the class and told them all about his puppy. I thought it was so sweet that the teacher let him do that!
 Lava-Ball and Fire-Ball look almost exactly a like, but they do have different personalities. Lava-Ball is a cuddler :)
 Fire-Ball's name is perfect for him. He is much more adventurous! Jackson and Beckett love making forts with all the pillows and Fire-Ball hopped right in!
 Silly Beckett! The weather warmed up a little this weekend and this crazy boy wanted to get wet!
Beckett had a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and was so excited! He must have gone down the slide a thousand times!
 Jackson has started having spelling tests every Friday and hasn't missed one yet! I am so proud of him!!
 We finished up our first season of Upward basketball. We had a great time and will certainly do it again next year. They had an awards ceremony and it was like nothing I have ever seen! They had balloons, confetti, a juggler, and cupcakes. Each kid went up on stage with spotlights on them like super stars! Then they each got a duffle bag as their reward. Unbelievable! Jackson had a great year and still loves going outside and practicing his hoops!
 Basketball ended and baseball has begun! Jackson has improved so much since last season. He is now alternating between first base and short stop and is doing great! He has already made several outs and we are so proud of him! He is also hitting great. He bats fourth and has hit it every time! He even got a double his last game! Our team this year is not as good as it was last season, but Jackson is still having fun!
 Getting ready for the pitch! Guess who the pitcher is? Daddy!

 Cracked it! He has not had to use the tee at all this season!
 This was too funny. I went downstairs to tell the boys it was time for bed and this is how I found them! :)

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