Monday, November 14, 2011

Yo Ho Ho! A pirate's life for me!!

Again, I must apologize for the delay in posting! Since we have returned from Disney, it has been one thing after another starting with Halloween!! Halloween was so much fun this year!! This year Jackson dressed up as a pirate, and no pirate would be complete without his ship!! Luckily, Aunt Glo was in town to help mommy transform Jackson's wagon into a pirate ship loaded with cannons, an anchor, mast, and of course, a treasure chest!! As soon as we finished the ship, Jackson asked" Can it go in the water?" I told him no and we would be lucky if she was land worthy!! Jackson had so much fun trick or treating this year!! He just couldn't believe that he was getting candy. After he finished with one house, he would yell "Next house!" and all you would see were the lights on his shoes scurrying away. Every year we attend our church's trunk or treat and our neighborhood hosts a Halloween parade. They both hold costume contests, and for the third year in a row, Jackson has one the prize. This year, however, he didn't just win the prize for best costume in his age bracket, but he won best costume of the whole parade!! He won a medal, crown, and some candy!! It was too cute, and because he won best of parade, next year he gets to lead it!! I don't know what we are going to do to top this year!! This first picture is daddy and Jackson carving the pumpkins. Surprisingly, Jackson did not like to touch the insides!

Jackson loved taking the tops off all the pumpkins and figuring out which top went with which pumpkin.

The finished product! This year's theme was Toy Story so we have the pizza planet alien, Buzz lightyear, and Rex. Daddy made a traditional pumpkin for baby Beckett!

Ahoy matey!

Claiming his prize at our church's trunk or treat!

Getting ready for the Maple Street Parade! Luckily daddy made it to the parade just in time, because mommy could not keep the ship together without his help!

Hands off my treasure!

The cutest little pirate!

Trick or Treat time!! We went trick or treating with Jackson's friends Payton, Aidan, Sam and Maggie. They had a blast!

First house!

I got candy!! Happy Halloween!!


Sarah said...

BEST pirate EVER!

Aunt Glo said...

I think Jackson is the cutest little pirate I have ever seen! Look out Johnny Depp!