Monday, September 26, 2011

Fun with Friends!

Sorry for the late post, but I got a cold last week and the cold + 6 months pregnant + working, and I was out for the count! I had some old pictures that I never posted, so I thought I would get them out! This first picture is Jackson with his new big boy bike! Unfortunately, his old bike, seen next to him, made too many trips to the beach and completely rusted. It was also too small for him so we upgraded! I was a little nervous about getting him a bigger bike so we went to a bike store where he could give it a test drive. He road it like a champ with ease, so we bought it for him!

Jackson and some of his buddies went to this place called DACkids. We had never been there before and Jackson loved it! It is a huge sandbox with a pirate theme. There is a large playground with pirate flags etc, little houses with fish tanks, and pirate ship jumpy houses. They had the best time!!

Checking out the fish.

Jackson loved loading the guns and shooting at the flags!

Best buds!

Jackson with a couple of his stuffed friends. The animal on the left is known as "Baby" at our house. This was Greg's first stuffed animal and Jackson named him "Baby." Jackson LOVES Baby! He sleeps with Baby everynight and carries him all over the house. Sometimes Baby gets sad and needs a kiss from mommy and sometimes Baby gets a boo boo and needs a band aid. I hope Jackson is as sweet to his new baby brother as he is to Baby!!

Not only has Jackson had a lot of fun with friends, but so did mommy! For my 34th birthday, some friends and I decided to go all out and take a limo to see Wicked at the Fox! We had the best time and the show was absolutely amazing!!

Pictures of Greg and I wouldn't be the same without Greg's facial expressions!

We also had a birthday party this past weekend. Jackson's dear friend Sam turned 4 and had his party at Champion Kids. We are no strangers to this party venue, as this is where Jackson has had all of his birthday parties! This is Jackson and Aidan waiting to play the parachute game!

Jackson and the birthday boy. They both have a deep love for Buzz Lightyear and Jackson was admiring his shirt!

Zip line! I really can't believe my son did this. If you remember from Jackson's parties, there is a large foam pit. Well, for the zip line, the hold you until right before the foam pit and let go! Jackson's flew over the pit and landed right in the center. The boy has no fear!!!!

Since school has started, Jackson has really gotten into the painting again. Here he is painting Thomas. He had so much fun mixing the colors to make new colors!


Aunt Sarah said...

So many adorable smiles, I can't choose a favorite this week!

Aunt Glo said...

It is so nice seeing all the pictures with Jackson having so much fun with his friends and an added treat when we see Mom and Dad having fun with their friends also! (Glad you are feeling better)