Monday, May 23, 2011

Last Day of School & Day out with Thomas!!

What a wonderful week! It started with Jackson's last day of school. I can't believe how far we have come. It started off with tears from both Jackson and mommy to absolute love for school! He has made some great friends and learned so much this past year. I took a similar picture of Jackson at his first day of school. I can't believe how much older he looks now!! We celebrated the end of the year with a road trip to Chatanooga, TN for he Day out with Thomas!! Jackson was so excited and couldn't wait to ride his first train! We went down Friday night and made a weekend trip of it. We met some friends there Saturday and had an absolute blast!! Chatanooga is such a fun, family city with so much for little ones to do!! We had a swimming pool at our hotel, so we got to enjoy the afternoon swimming. Jackson is so much different than he was last year with the pool. He has absolutely NO FEAR!! He jumps right into the water and holds his breath. He kept saying he was swimming like a fish! We used arm floaties this time and Jackson loved the freedom, but was a little too aggressive. He didn't understand that if he just waded slowly, he would float. He just wanted to jump and swim!! We had such a wonderful trip and I tried to condense the photos as best I could!!

Handing the conductor his ticket.

All aboard!!

First train ride!

Jackon was so excited on the train. He kept running back and forth between Greg and I to look out the windows. He loved seeing the bridges and passing all the other trains. It was really cute to see his excitement.

Tennessee Valley Railroad

After the train ride there was so much to do!! This is Sam and Jackson at the petting zoo. The goats were a little aggressive and scared the boys.

The man of the hour....Thomas!! The only problem with the train ride was that Jackson wanted to do it again and again!!

First put put!

Magic show! Not only was this a magic show, but it also incorporated some dance. The kids loved it!

A real coal train! Jackson was so excited and ran as fast as he could to get close to it.

Popcorn break.

Jackson and Aidan playing with all the train sets that were set up for the kids. Jackson also got tatoo of Diesel 10 on his arm.

The hotel we stayed at was in the most perfect location. We were able to walk to all the restaurants and then to the river, where they had all these water areas the kids could play it. They actually liked playing here better than the swimming pool!

Walking along the rocks.

There was this huge waterfall steps that led to shallow pool that the kids could play in. They had so much going up and down the waterfall. Here is Sam and Jackson making the voyage trip down.


We were actually able to get all the kids to sit for a photo!

And they are off!

Down to the shallow pool

We had such an amazing weekend in Chatanooga. There was so much to do and I am sure this will not be our last trip!


Aunt Glo said...

What a great trip and in Tennessee no less! Chattanooga IS a great place to visit. Jackson's expressions are always sooo cute, he slways seems to enjoy every new experience! What fun!!!

Kiera said...

Looks like such a fun trip!! I am sure Jackson was in train heaven when you arrived!!