Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trip to North Carolina!

This week we made a trip to Wilmington, NC to celebrate Kemper's baptism. Greg was honored to be Kemper's godfather and we had such a great time! Jackson has become quite the seasoned traveler and was perfect on both plane rides. He also did pretty good in the sleep department as well. Here is Jackson as we were waiting to board the plane. He was very excited!

Since there were some empty seats, Jackson decided he needed to take advantage and stretch out in his own chair.

The happy family, Charmaine, Mike, and Kemper, right before the baptism.

The star of the weekend getting baptized. Kemper did great and didn't mind a bit when the water went all over her face!

Jackson running around the church during the baptismal proceedings. Luckily it was just a baptismal service and not an entire mass!

The proud Godparents!

Family shot at the beautiful church.

Who put that baby in a basket?

Jackson and Kemper checking eachother out. They were a little shy, but it was their first date!

The proud mommy.
Thanks so much Mike and Charmaine for having us over and including us in your special weekend. We can't wait to see you guys again soon!


Aunt Glo said...

What a special weekend! All the couples are beautiful but Jackson and Kemper get the prize!!! Jackson's frequent flyer miles should get him to Memphis soon! Love you.

Kiera said...

Kemper and Jackson look adorable!!!!