Thursday, October 1, 2009

9 1/2 months and Cortney's Wedding

Well it has been a busy last 2 weeks with lots of pictures to share. Jackson is 9 1/2 months and a busy little bee. He loves to pull up on everything and cruise between things. He has 3 new favorite games...opening up everything, putting and taking various items out of things, and handing things to you. He is very vocal with lots of mamas and dadas. I think he actually knows that I am mama because if I walk away, he will go all over looking for me saying mama. There are a lot of pictures to share because we were lucky to be able to go to Santa Rosa Beach for cousin Cortney's wedding. It was absolutely beautiful with so many precious moments to catch. Get ready!

One of Jackson's favorite places is the spice rack. He is definately his father's child because everytime he open is he goes straight for the Nature's Seasoning!


We stayed at a beautiful house on the beach and this is a picture of Jackson and his daddy swimming in the pool.

Family pool shot!

Family at the rehearsal dinner.

Family with the beautful bride Cortney.

The Bride and Mother of the Bride. I will let you decide which is which ;)

Noni and Jackson at the rehearsal dinner.

Obviously we were having a hard time getting Jackson to look at the camera as evidence by the two wine glasses banging together in the photo.

Cousins Brad, Greg, and Cortney.

This is a much better view!

Jackson and Granddaddy

Let's go to the beach mom!

Whew! Cruising is hardwork.

Jackson loves to point. Here he is pointing at the waves.

Jackson and Daddy on the beach. Jackson loved the sand and water until we took him out on a sandbar. He wasn't quite sure about all the waves.

Wedding on the beach.

The beautiful Mother of the Bride Aunt Glo.

I just love this picture of Jackson and Peebo.

Noni and Granddaddy on the beach.

The weather has cooled down so we have been able to spend a lot more time outside. This is Jackson playing in his yard.

It is hard to appreciate the little mountain that Jackson had to crawl up to get to the tree, but he did it!

Grabbing the tree.

Cruising along the fence.

This picture is so funny to me becuase it looks like he is contemplating his next move.

All right you made it through all of them! Next week shouldn't be so long, but we do have another wedding so we will see!!

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Kiera said...

Love the beach pictures of you,Greg and Jackson - you all look perfect!