Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend!

We had a wonderful labor day weekend in NW Indiana. It was sunny and 80 the whole trip! Jackson had so much fun playing with his cousins. We spent the day at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, we went to New Buffalo Michigan to our "yankee" beach (nickname courtesy of daddy), and spent time with my side of the family. Jackson was a great little traveler and actually slept most of the plane ride home. We did, however, learn an important lesson. We cannot sleep in the same room with Jackson. The first night Jackson stayed in the room with us, which did not go over too well. Now that Jackson can pull himself up on anything, when he woke up at 2 AM he was standing and staring right at us! The rest of the trip Jackson had the room and mommy and daddy had the couch. Here are some pics from the trip. The first one is Jackson playing with his cousins at the beach. Katie was the only one who cooperated with the camera!

This trip to the beach Jackson actually crawled through the sand but with his legs instead of his knees.

Jackson dipping his toes into the frigid Lake Michigan water. BRRRRR!

Daddy and Jackson at the beach watching all the boats go by.

Jackson swinging at the beach. Look mom no hands!


Breakfast with Grandma Helen.

Nathan and Jackson had so much fun playing on the floor at Panera.

Trip to the zoo! Jackson's favorite animal was the Jaguar. He loved to watch it move back and forth.

Jackson and Cousin Katie.

Jackson getting a better look at Uncle Mike.

Jackson loves to kiss the baby in the mirror. Even if it is a garbage can!

Jackson doing what he does best...putting things in his mouth.

Jackson and Nathan playing cars. Nathan was so funny. He kept saying "Why's he trying to eat it?" "Does he thinks it's food?"

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