Thursday, August 27, 2009

8 months and 1 week

It was another wonderful week in the Nesmith household! Jackson has now reverted to traditional crawling and is into everything! His favorite game right now is to try to get to the fireplace before mommy catches him. He will head for the fireplace, stop, sit up and look at me, squeal, and then bolt straight for it. I then pick him up, say danger, and bring him back to his toys. We then repeat this game multiple times throughout the day. Jackson is also pulling himself up on everything including his crib, Emma, Mommy and Daddy. He wants to walk so badly! Jackson is becoming more independent and now wants to feed himself. We have started a lot more finger foods including cheese, peaches, watermelon, and peas. He loves them all. Here are some pics from the week including Mary's 1 year birthday party!!

Jackson's latest toy. He can actually walk by holding onto it. Emma is not quite sure so she stays close to him. He is saying "Phew! This walking is hardwork!!"

Emma keeping guard.

How big is Jackson?

I love to eat!!

Just hanging out under the table.

Where did the puff go?

Trying to pull up on Emma.

Feeding myself is so much fun!

Standing on Emma.

2 spoons are better than 1.

We had the pleasure of watching Mary so mommy and daddy could prepare for her big party. We went to lunch and Willy's and then to PetSmart to see all the puppies. Mary loved all the dogs. We almost had to leave with one!

Party time!

Mary had a bouncy at her party and Jackson loved it!

He would bouce back and forth to get to his daddy.

Too sweet. Jackson is such a lucky boy to have such an amazing, loving, and caring daddy. Mommy is also a lucky girl to have such a great husband.

Mary with her 1 year birthday cupcake!

Jackson got very wet playing on the splash table, but loved it.

Who needs toys when you can play with an empty box?

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