Thursday, May 21, 2009

5 months!

Jackson is now 5 months old and is becoming such a big boy! We are really starting to see his personality with tons of smiles and giggles. We have found out that he has lots of tickle spots including his feet, under his arms, his belly, and even under his chin. This week he had his first taste of oatmeal with bananas, and he loved it. He was so excited that his arms kept going up and down! He is also sleeping like a big boy from 7Pm until between 6 and 7 AM. He is very vocal and loves to hear the sound of his own voice. He also realizes when I am not there. If I put him in his jumperoo and walk away, he will turn around to follow me. If he can't see me, he will whine until I come back. Once he sees me, he will smile and start playing again. We have our second road trip tomorrow! We are heading to Charleston to visit Noni and Granddaddy. Kiera and I are taking the babies early, so hopefully they will do okay. Keeping with the beach theme, the babies will be watching Finding Nemo. Well, we hope they will watch it :) Wish us luck!!

Jackson doing some tummy time on daddy.

Jackson laughing at his daddy.

Greg gave Jackson a carrot and then kept saying "What's up Doc?" Jackson couldn't stop laughing!

Daddy is so funny!!

Say it again daddy.

Mommy got a little behind on folding the laundry so Jackson decided to help.

You better get this done before daddy comes home!
We had a playdate at the park and somehow I lost Jackson's hat, so he had to borrow his friend Sarah's. Daddy was not pleased.

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Melissa Johnson said...

I think he looks great in the hat! Have a fun weekend!